Epfo Delhi South Claim Status

In India there are more than 4 crore PF account holders and it becomes impossible to maintain all records manually as the paperwork gets out of order. Previously in normal course a PF claim takes near to 5-6 months for settlement but now with the online facility they promise settlement in 1 month of time.

It was become quite hectic to get the status of the claim or present balance of the PF account. Also the working and response from the staff was highly intolerable.
You have to file various forms for knowing your balance, filling of claim or tracking the status of your claim application. With this online facility you do not have to go to PF office again and again if you want to know about your withdrawal claim status. Tracking the status of your claims online is much easier and hassle-free.

Know Epfo Delhi South Claim Status

  • Please click on the following link to know the balance in your EPF Account upto the date, filling claim status and status of claim, if any. http://www.epfindia.com/ClaimStatus_New.html
  • Select the EPFO office where your account is maintained and furnish your PF Account number.
  • Leave the extension field blank, in case your account does not have one.
  • You will be asked to enter your name and mobile number. The given mobile number will be recorded along with the PF Account Number.
  • On successful submission of above information, the details will be sent through SMS to the given mobile number.

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