Epfo Delhi South Claim Status

Epfo Delhi South Claim Status In India there are more than 4 crore PF account holders and it becomes impossible to maintain all records manually as the paperwork gets out of order. Previously in normal course a PF claim takes near to 5-6 months for settlement but now with the online facility they promise settlement in 1 month of time.… Read more

Epfo Hyderabad Claim Status

Epfo Hyderabad Claim Status Contributors to PF had to face a lot of pain to know the status of PF transfer /withdrawal after filling the same. People have to wait for long and have to make numerous visits to the office to know whether claim has been settled or not yet.… Read more

Epfo Kolkata Claim Status

Epfo Kolkata Claim Status With the emergence of online PF it has been a blessing for more than 4 crore PF account holders to check their PF balance, all transfers and account summary and status of their claim filled. This has saved there time and energy from visiting office again and again.… Read more

Epfo Gurgaon Claim Status

Epfo Gurgaon Claim Status The Employees Provident Fund has now provided the customers the online facility, which enables them to view their PF balance or PF claim lodged by online service just at a click of the mouse. Contributors were in tension that whether their PF is correctly deposited and maintained by the PF authorities.… Read more

Epfo Mumbai Claim Status

Epfo Mumbai Claim Status To overcome this problem and give a sign of relief the Indian govt. has launched facility of online PF where you can not only see the present account balance with complete summary of payments and transfers but even the status of the claim filled and its settlement.… Read more