Epfo Surat Claim Status

The Provident Fund Organization has recently started the facility of Online provided fund for the contributors of PF. This has been a great sign and revolution in field of provident fund. Since before the account holders have to worry for the amount deposited has been correctly credited to there PF account, the transfers and withdrawals have been done correctly, present balance of there PF account and most important the status of there Claim lodged.

It has become quite impossible to know the claim status since the staff of the PF offices gives negligible response to the people and also it use to consumes much time in visiting PF office again and again but with online facility every aspect regarding PF can be seen just by click of a mouse.

Previously the employee who had applied for the withdrawal of PF has no clue whether there application has been considered yet or not and the present status of their claim. With the advantage of online facility account holder can keep a track on whether his claim has been settled or yet in pending list. When the claim is settled the PF holder will automatically receive an SMS stating the transfer of PF amount to his saving account with the amount being transferred on the Mobile No. Furnished by him.

Tracking the status of your claims online is much easier and hassle-free. PF dept promises to settle claims within 1 month time to which previously the claim use to settle in 5-6 months of time or even longer.

However, This service is presently available only in some parts of India but it will be available all over India in short span of time.

Know Your Epfo Surat Claim Status

PF members who have applied for claim have an option available to check whether there claim has been considered or not by logging to their online PF account. The only pre-requisite is you must know your PF Account Number.

There are three fields, which you will have to fill to check your claim status. These are: –

  1. Establishment Code
  2. Est. Extensions
  3. Employee Number
Follow the following steps to check your claim status online
  • Click on the link given below and select the EPFO office where your claim will be settled.
  • On successful selecting the office, fill the Region Code and Office Code at the respective places being asked.
  • Now enter the establishment code in the required field (which can be of maximum 7 digits).
  • If the Establishment Code has an extension / sub-code, if any enter the same here. It can be in form of digits or letters.
  • Now enter your PF account number (which can be of maximum 7 digits).
  • Lastly, Click on submit button to get the status.

Claim status: – http://www.epfindia.com/ClaimStatus_New.html

If you want to check your Epf balance and you have a Epf account in Surat then click on he link given below: –


If you are a pensioner and want to know your pension status then click on the link


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