EPFO Bangalore Claim Status

With the online EPF facility employee contributing towards provident fund to Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) of India will no longer have to go through the tedious and rather long process of knowing the details of their PF account. Every bit of information related to Provident fund that you may want to track would be just a ‘click’ away in the very near future.

The EPF dept. has recently announced, the EPF account details have been made online for few circles. This facility is currently available for Delhi (North), Delhi (South), Laxmi Nagar (Delhi), Gurgaon, Faridabad, Karnal and Bangalore, etc. For rest of the circles, this online Epfo facility will be started in small span of time.

You can use the link given below to access the complete information about Provident Fund right from registration of an account status of your EPF claims. You can also download all forms related to EPF from this site.


If you have applied for EPF and Pension Fund withdrawal in Bangalore then you can know you claim status from the site given below.


How to know EPFO Bangalore Claim Status

There are three fields, which you will have to fill to check your claim status. These are:

  1. Establishment Code
  2. Esst. Extensions
  1. Employee Number

Steps to Check Claim Status:

    • Please click on the link given below to know the claim status of your EPF Account. http://stg1.kar.nic.in/epf/
    • Select the EPFO office where your account is maintained and furnish your PF Account number.
    • Leave the extension field blank, in case your account does not have one.
    • You will be asked to enter your name and mobile number. The given mobile number will be recorded along with the PF Account Number.
    • On successful submission of above information, the details will be sent through SMS to the given mobile number.

Understand your EPF No. to know the above fields.

Example:- If your PF number is AP/GG/567F/344 then,

Establishment Code is 567

Est. Extension is F

Employee Number is 344

Remember, if your establishment has no unit or other branch, there may not be extension number. In that case, you do not have to fill extension number.

For more information relating to Epfo Bangalore Claim Status visit the link specified below: – http://www.epfbng.kar.nic.in/