Epfo Gurgaon Claim Status

The Employees Provident Fund has now provided the customers the online facility, which enables them to view their PF balance or PF claim lodged by online service just at a click of the mouse. Contributors were in tension that whether their PF is correctly deposited and maintained by the PF authorities. The respective authorities adequately do the transfers and withdrawals. As this has saved the time of visiting PF office again and again and also made people tension free.

Knowing the PF balance has become much easier and convenient. You just have to go to the EPF site and punch your PF Account No. with the employer code followed by region and you can get the details of your PF balance, summary of all transfers with yearly account statement and also you can check the proceedings if you have filled any claim.

If any person has applied for claim then it would have taken nearly 5-6 months in settlement in case of manually settlement but with the technology advancement it PF dept promise 1 month for settlement of online PF claim.

However, This service is presently available in some parts of India but it will be available all over India in short span of time.

Know your Epfo Gurgaon Claim Status

PF members who have applied for claim have an option available to check whether there claim has been considered or not by logging to their online PF account. The only pre-requisite is you must know your PF Account Number.

There are three fields, which you will have to fill to check your claim status. These are: –

  1. Establishment Code
  2. Est. Extensions
  3. Employee Number

Follow the steps given below to check your claim status: –

  1. Click on this link and select the Gurgaon claim office http://www.epfindia.com/ClaimStatus_New.html
  2. On successful selecting the office, fill the Region Code and Office Code at the respective places being asked.
  3. Now enter the establishment code in the required field (which can be of maximum 7 digits).
  4. If the Establishment Code has an extension / sub-code, if any enter the same here. It can be in form of digits or letters.
  5. Now enter your PF account number (which can be of maximum 7 digits).
  6. Lastly, Click on submit button to get the status.

Online EPFO website url is : – http://www.epfindia.com/ClaimStatus_New.html

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