About Us

Pushpi.com is multi topic web portal providing information to users on the following broad spectrums living, travel, education, finance, technology, astrology and automobiles. We try to keep the information simple and relevant for the common internet user

We publish what we feel like in the above subjects; we may add more spectrums as and when required.

What does Pushpi mean?

Pushpi is the name of a flower and is mostly used as an herb and has good repute in Indian medicine system. Our different topics are petals of this flower which continue to grow.

Who writes for pushpi.com

People from all wakes of life write for pushpi.com. Some are students looking for some pocket money, some are house wife’s who due to some reasons cannot move out from their home, others are aspiring people looking to write and so on. We give platform to all people interesting to write on topics of general public interest.

What you can add to this

If you have some interesting information for general public in large we will surely publish your content. It should fit in the above-mentioned broad topics. Do not send news items, which has no shelf life, we like evergreen articles.

Will we pay you?

We pay only to people who give us substantial amount of content to us and all varies from time to time. We may or may not pay. Start working for us and we will not let you down. You will grow if we grow and vice versa.

Share your ideas

IF you have ideas and suggestions do write to us, we will consider them. Send all your contributions at ideas@pushpi.com.