UTI pan card status by coupon number

Permanent account number PAN is a mandatory possession for all the citizen of India who wishes to involve themselves in any financial investments. For example if you want to invest in mutual funds you must have a PAN card and a PAN number in order to invest in mutual funds. If you don’t have a PAN card you will not be able to do the investment therefore you must possess PAN card. If you still don’t have a PAN card then apply for it now. After applying for the PAN card you have to wait for some days and then the card is delivered at the address mentioned in the PAN application form.

In case you did not get your PAN card in the stipulated time then you need to track the delivery of your PAN card. There are many ways of tracking the delivery progress of your PAN card. UTI PAN Card status by coupon number is one of the many methods by which you can track your PAN card. All you have to do is follow the below mentioned step:

  • Visit website http://www.utitsl.co.in/utitsl/site/pantracker.jsp .
  • Select application type as New Application (F49a).
  • Enter as many details as you have in the web page.
  • Enter your coupon number.
  • If you wish to refine your search then you can also enter Applicant’s name and application number.
  • Click on submit button.
  • Another screen will appear with all the details of your PAN Card and it delivery status.

It is just a matter of few steps. So if your PAN card is also stuck somewhere then don’t waste time follow the above mentioned steps and track you PAN Card so that you know the real time delivery status of your PAN card.

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