Online LIC premium payment

Online lic premium payment can be done at the convenience of your time and place and you don’t need to take out time from your busy schedule thereby easing you immensely. You need to click on the link Pay Premium Online for payment. Thereafter you need to choose the policies for which the payment is due, thereby you will be directed a list of multiple banks where the payment can be paid.

In order to pay, it is essential that you have a net banking account with the bank, through which you are paying and then you can login as well with the username and password. It will display the amount which you have paid as well, thereby making you at ease with this facility too. After that, you are required to verify the balance by confirming the transaction to the bank. In case the transaction did not go through it will flash it thereby helping you with the fact that you can try again as well.

You will get a single e receipt which is signed digitally in your email, however, if in case the transaction did no go through, you will be assigned the reason for the same in the email as well. You can login in various sites to get more information and it will certainly help you clear all your doubts as well. Thanks to online lic premium payment, the payment has never been so easy and it is just at few clicks away much to your convenience.

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