Axis Bank Credit Card Online Payment

Axis Bank Credit Cards

We have already provided you the information on 9 different types of credit cards issued by Axis bank. In this article we will see how to make the payment for the Axis Bank Credit Cards by Online method.

Irrespective of which of the 9 credit cards of Axis bank you possess, there is a simple way to make the payment for the pending amount against the particular credit card by online mode.

Axis bank Credit Card Online Payment Process Initiation

It is presumed that you have received the Mail / SMS / Postal based statement for your Credit card. All that you do is verify it at this link and you would be shown the exact replica of the Credit Card Statement that has been received by you.

Here there is an option to make the payment which will be marked as PAY NOW. Click this button, and the page will transition to Online Payment making page. It will ask you to re-confirm the Credit Card Number, Validity of the Card, and will show you two options for making the payment.

  1. Pay the minimum Due. (Amount will be shown)
  2. Pay the balance amount. (Amount will be shown)

Depending on your suitability you can choose either of the options to make online payment for the Axis Bank Credit Card.

Making Online Payment for Axis Bank Credit Card

Once you have selected either of the choices, the system will present you with the option to make the payment Via Netbanking OR via Credit Card. Here we explain to you the option to make the payment via netbanking.

You click on the Netbanking Button, and the system will show you list of banks. Let us assume that you wish to make the online payment from your existing account of Axis Bank. You will be taken to your Axis bank account’s login page. Use your user ID and password, and click on the amount selected. The system will seek your confirmation about the Card No, Amount being paid and some other details.

Check them, and if you find everything is fine, then click on the Confirm button. The system will ask you to enter the password for conducting the transaction. (Please note this is different from the Login Password). Enter this transaction password, and your online payment for Axis Bank Credit Card has been completed. You would also be automatically logged out of your banking account.

You will get a transaction ID number on the screen, and you can also cross verify the same by re-logging into your bank account and check out whether the amount deducted matches to the online payment you made towards the Axis Bank Credit Card. This particular step has been suggested only for your satisfaction.

Once you practice it just once or twice, you will find the making of Online Payment for your Axis Bank Credit Cards, a breeze. You can complete the entire exercise in just a couple of clicks and few minutes. No hassles of going to the branch to deposit the cheque, and other such cumbersome and time consuming methods.

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