SBI virtual credit card : how to Get

On applying for sbi virtual credit card, you should be assured of getting it at the earliest. In order to know about the current status of your application, there are three easy ways which will certainly ease you as well.

You can check the current statues of your credit card by sending the email at You will be assured of the prompt response as well, thereby easing you further as well.

Secondly the customer care will come handy and they are just a call away. You can call them at any time and they are ready to be at your service as well. 1860-180-1290 and 1800-180-1290 are the numbers where you can ring them up.  If you are using your cell you can dial 39020202 and prefix the STD code of your city.

The moment your card has been sent, you will get a notification through a text message where you will be informed of the courier service which is being used to dispatch the card. There will be a reference number in the text message.

 In order to get the current position of sbi virtual credit card; you can get the details after login with the reference number through internet too. Hence you will get the current status of the credit card. The facilities which such an esteemed bank, State Bank of India offers are immense and you can surely get the complete details. It has made this bank one of the preferred banks by crores of Indians.

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