ICICI net banking / internet banking

ICICI net banking / internet banking offers various facilities and has been registering increasing number of customers as well.

The facility of netbanking is immense and hence it offers one of the largest customer bases.

You can get the luxury of linking many accounts with the same customer id apart from that you can view all the transactions online as well.  You can transfer the funds to other accounts of the same bank or to other banks as well. Official website for accessing icici net banking / internet banking is www.icicibank.com.

Apart from that, you can transfer funds from bank account to credit cards.  If in case you have done any transactions through your credit card, there will be auto debit. If you want to see the account statement, you don’t need to go to the bank, instead you can see through email as well. One of the best things again relates with the fact that you can file online taxes.

Now all your important transactions can be done online and are just a click away as well. Since the bank offers so many facilities as a result it has become one of the preferred choices of the people and it’s the love and affection of the people which has made the bank coming up with innovations to ease the lives of people so that you can have many reasons to opt for icici netbanking / internet banking

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