Income tax e-filing login

E-filing of income tax returns refers to filing your income tax return electronically through internet. E-filing is a mandatory for all companies which require section 44 AB audit return and without e-filing receipt these companies cannot go for Section 44 AB audit return. There are many benefits and advantages of e-filing your income tax returns.

Benefits of Income tax e-filing

  • Apply for income tax returns at anytime and at any place.
  • No more waiting in the long queues.
  • Processing time is decreased.
  • No manual error as all the data is processed electronically.

The prerequisite for e-filing income tax return is income tax e-filing login id and a password. This income tax e-filing login id and password can be created on the Income Tax website.

Creation of income tax e-filing login id and password

  • Visit .
  • On the right hand side click on register link.
  • Enter your PAN number in the next screen and click on click me button.
  • In the next screen enter your desired password in the password textbox. Again enter your password in the Confirm password textbox.
  • Next choose a primary secret question from the drop down list. Select this question judiciously as it will assist you in case you forget your password.
  • Enter a password for the selected question which will help you in guessing your password.
  • Next is the section where you have to enter your personal details. All the details marked with asterisk are mandatory and hence you have to enter all those details before proceeding further. Surname and date of birth are the mandatory entry.
  • Enter your phone number and email id in the contact details section.
  • Then enter the verification code in the given text box. If you are unable to read the verification codes then refresh the verification code to get another verification code.
  • If you wish to register your digital signature then click the check box under digital certificate registration tab.
  • Click on the register button.
  • By clicking on the register button you register yourself for e-filing income tax return.

After creation of income tax e-filing login all you have to do is visit the income tax website again and click on login button which is for existing users. After that enter you income tax e-filing login id and password and then you can proceed with electronic filing of income tax returns.

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