HDFC Bank Virtual Credit Card

HDFC Bank offers a secured online payment option in the form of a credit card. This is basically a virtual credit card which cannot be touched. It can only be seen online.

This virtual credit card can be used to shop and make payments online like any other credit card.

Unique features of HDFC Bank Virtual Credit Card

The actual credit/debit card number is never used in the online transactions. Therefore, this is a safe method and there is no risk of the actual card number getting exposed during the online transaction or on the merchant website.

The HDFC Bank Virtual Credit Card amount can be up to the available card limit.

This Card can be used at any online merchant site that accepts Mastercard / Visa Cards, thereby providing secure online payment.

The best feature of this kind of a card is that after the end of the validity period the amount that hasn’t been used will be credited back to your Credit/Debit Card account.

This is subject to the Point of Sale (POS) limit per day, provided there is available balance in your savings/current account.

HDFC Bank Virtual Credit Card Safety Features

  • The validity of a HDFC Virtual Credit Card expires after 48 hours.
  • The card cannot be used for more than one transaction.
  • Once the card expires it can never be used again.
  • No one other than you can use the card.
  • If the card is created just before the purchase the security levels increases.

How to register for an HDFC Virtual Credit Card

By logging on to the card can be made. You just need to go on the register option under the NetSafe option. The registration steps are very simple to follow and complete.

How to create an HDFC Virtual Credit Card

Use your NetSafe login id and password to enter the HDFC Virtual Credit Card creation page. Choose the account from where you would like to draw funds. Click on the option OK to confirm and see your Virtual Credit Card created.

Where can I use my HDFC Virtual Credit Card?

You can use your card in all websites accepting Visa/ Mastercard payment options.

How to cancel my HDFC Virtual Credit Card after creation?

Login to NetSafe and choose ‘All accounts/services’. Now, select ‘Card List’, which will list down all the NetSafe Cards generated and live. Then choose the cards that need to be cancelled and click on Cancel Card.

What if I forget my password?

In case you forget your password, there is a facility of resetting it. Enter your credit/debit card number, card expiry details and PIN number for debit cards. In case you have a credit card, enter card number and CVV number and date of birth and card expiry details.

Do I need to pay any annual fees for creating an HDFC Virtual Credit Card?

Absolutely not! You need not pay any annual fee. This facility is free of cost.

Can I withdraw cash from my HDFC Virtual Credit Card?

This option is not available. This card is used only for making online payments.

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