Income tax refund status toll free number

Every Indian citizen has to pay some amount as income tax depending upon the tax slab in which he/she falls. You should always pay your Income Tax on time. It is Government’s right and you should not cheat in order to abstain yourself from paying Income tax. The amount received in the form of taxes is invested in various growth policies for the nation. There are times when Government deducts tax amount which is greater than your actual amount to be paid as taxes. In such cases you file Income Tax returns wherein after proper investigation the excess tax amount is refunded to your account.

All the Income Tax related money transactions are taken care by State Bank of India SBI. In case you have also filed and Income Tax return then you can check your Income tax return status through various ways. One way is to check the status online at, enter your PAN number and select the assessment year. It will show you the refund status of your Income tax amount. Other way is to call up on a toll free number and checks your Income tax refund status.

You can call on income tax refund status toll free number 18004259760 and ask them about your refund status.

Another thing that you can do is to email your query at regarding income tax refund status and you will get your reply soon.

So tracking your income tax refund status is not an uphill task even a phone call will do the needful. So if you were searching ways to track the refund status the most convenient way would be calling at income tax refund status toll free number mentioned above. Try is once it is as easy as it sounds.

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