Efiling of Income Tax Return

In the year 2007 the Income Tax Department of India took many initiatives such as training TRPS, launching saral forms in a new avatar and so on for making tax filing convenient and handy for the citizens.

In this electronic age when IT is successfully performing in so many fields and providing services from online banking to online news, online mutual fund investments to online buying and selling, the Income Tax Department of India launched the Electronic Filing (External website that opens in a new window) of income tax returns.

Yes, using the e-filing process one can file in tax returns just within a few clicks at any time of the day and that too without any hassles. Using this technology all you have to do is to fill the form and submit it, online or offline.

How does The E Filing Process Work

The e filing process is really easy and takes a very little time and all you have to do is fill up your tax return form online provided and the other required information about income, expenditure and savings. Filing tax returns online is the easiest and the simplest method and all one needs is to log on and follow the simple instructions.

For efiling process one needs to have a software application that generates the income tax form, which is available at the Income Tax Department website. First of all the payee needs to visit Income Tax Department website at https://incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in and select the appropriate type of Return Form. Then one needs to download the Return Preparation Software for the selected return form. Then one needs to fill the return offline and generate an XML file. After Completion of this process Log into your account in the e-filing website of Income tax department.

Efiling Process Flow

The payee needs to register and create a user id/password. The standard is to use your PAN Number itself as User ID for Registration. Now login and click on relevant form on left panel and select Submit Return. Next browse to select XML file and click on the Upload button. After successful upload acknowledgement details will be displayed.

Click on Print to generate a printout of acknowledgement / ITR Form. If your return form is digitally signed, then the return filing process is complete and you can take a printout of the acknowledgement for your record. In case the return is not digitally signed taxpayer needs will have to fill-up the verification part and verify the same. A duly verified ITR-V form should be submitted at your nearest local income tax office within 15 days of filing electronically. This completes the Return filing process for non-digitally signed returns.

Whether it is electronic filing or physical filing, under the new procedure, individuals do not have to attach any documents or enclosures with the return of income.

Documents to preserve agter e filing of income tax return

Since the tax-payer is not required to submit any additional documents along with the return of income, the documents may be called at the later stage by the Income Tax Officer to check the correctness of the claim made. Hence, it is advised that the individual preserves all the documents that are required to substantiate the return of income filed. Some of the documents are enumerated below. You may preserve whichever is relevant in your case.

  • Detailed calculation of taxable income and amount of tax payable / refundable.
  • Form No. 16 / 16A (original).
  • Counterfoil of all the tax payments made during the year.
  • Copy of documents concerning sale of investments and properties.
  • Copy of bank statements.
  • Copy of proof for all the deductions and exemptions claimed in the return of income.

E Filing of Income Tax Return Process At a glance

  • Select appropriate type of Return Form.
  • Download Return Preparation Software for selected Return Form.
  • Fill your return offline and generate a XML file.
  • Register and create a user id/password. Start the Registration with your PAN Number.
  • Login and click on relevant form on left panel and select “Submit Return”.
  • Browse to select XML file and click on “Upload” button.
  • On successful upload acknowledgement details would be displayed. Click on “Print” to generate printout of acknowledgement / ITR-V Form.
  • In case the return is digitally signed, on generation of “Acknowledgement” the Return Filing process gets completed. The Assessee may take a printout of the Acknowledgement for his record. The process to obtain digital signature is provided once you have logged into your account.
  • In case the return is not digitally signed, on successful uploading of e-Return, the ITR-V Form would be generated which needs to be printed by the tax payers. This is an acknowledgement cum verification form. The tax payer has to fill-up the verification part and verify the same. Now you have to send ITR-V to the “Income Tax Department, CPC, Post Box No – 1, Electronic City Post Office, Bangalore – 560100, Karnataka”. They’ll send the acknowledgment receipt at your email address. You are required to complete this process within 30 days of e-filing your returns. Else your e-filing would be considered null and void, and you will have to again go through the entire process from the start. So ensure that you have sent the ITR-V form to the given address without fail within 30 days. This completes the Return filing process for non-digitally signed Returns.

Help for efiling of Income tax return

  • Refer to the User Guide, which can be downloaded from https://incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in
  • Refer to Instructions for Filling up the ITR Form
  • For further assistance, write to Help Desk
  • If you want a DEMO of the e-filing process please check at https://incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in
  • For Telephonic Support Please Contact the Public Relations Officer of your local Income Tax Office.

4 comments to e filing of Income Tax Return

  • Sanat Kumar

    I have taken house building loan from LIC in 2012. I have paid Rs. 34367/- as Principal Amount and Rs. 103360/- as Interest. What amount should I reflect in Income Tax Return for Tax Benefit.

    • Financial Advisor

      Interest amount will directly be reduced from total income, principle amount can be claimed as rebate under section 80C deductions

  • Anshu kumar

    now tell me what is the procedure to refund the tax

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