Epfo Kolkata Claim Status

With the emergence of online PF it has been a blessing for more than 4 crore PF account holders to check their PF balance, all transfers and account summary and status of their claim filled. This has saved there time and energy from visiting office again and again. With the online maintenance of all records the staff will get ample time to settle the claims and provide other services which previously were not available as due to burden of paperwork and manual system.

Till yet the facility is not available all over the country but in small span of time the account holders can access their account through out the country. The basic idea of this online PF is providing the quality and all valve added service to its clients. This will help in fast settlement of the claims and will also attract more investment if quality service is being provided to contributors in respect of balance enquiry, claim status etc.

How to know Epfo Kolkata Claim Status

There are three fields, which you will have to fill to check your claim status. These are:

  • Establishment Code
  • Esst. Extensions
  • Employee Number

Steps to Check epfo Claim Status: 

  • Please click on the  link given to know the claim status of your EPF Account.http://www.epfindia.com
  • Select the EPFO office where your account is maintained and furnish your PF Account number.
  • Leave the extension field blank, in case your account does not have one.
  • You will be asked to enter your name and mobile number. The given mobile number will be recorded along with the PF Account Number.
  • On successful submission of above information, the details will be sent through SMS to the given mobile number.
All these can be found in your EPF number
For example if your PF number is KR/789K/112 then establishment code is 789, est. extension is K, employee number is 112

 Remember, if your establishment has no unit or other branch, there may not be extension number. In that case, you do not have to fill extension number.

You might have provided your mobile number while filling the EPF form. The day the claim request is received by the EPFO, it would send an SMS stating that the application has been received.

The facility can be availed at http://epfindia.nic.in/indiaepf/loginnew.aspx

The user needs to select his State, the EPF office, Establishment Code, Extension code, if any and then enter the employee number to ascertain the claim status.

For other information relating to EPF claim Status click: http://www.epfindia.com

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