Axis Bank Netbanking: easy internet banking

Like all new generation banks, Axis Bank too provides its customers with the facility to conduct most of the day-to-day transactions via Internet, which is also called as Netbanking in the banking parlance. Axis bank has named its Net Banking services as iConnect.

Axis Bank Netbanking – Activating operating procedure

When you open an account with Axis bank – irrespective of whether it is Savings account or Current account, the bank automatically offers the customer Netbanking Services too. So there is no need for separate Axis bank Netbanking registration and filing of Axis bank Netbanking form.

They would also give you a separate document which would contain your Customer ID number for Net Banking Purposes. In addition to the above, they would mail you a sealed envelope within which you would find a semi-grey colored envelope again. This envelope would have perforations on its right side and left side ends. It would contain heading as – Axis Bank iConnect Netbanking Password. Carefully tear it along the perforation on one side, and you will find the password in it.

Axis bank Netbanking login

Then go to Axis Bank Website which is and here you will find in the top left corner a Raised Rectangular Box which would be written as Logon. Click it & the page will transition to Netbanking Home Page. There will be provision to enter the Customer ID & Password (Remember, you got it from the semi-grey colored envelope) which you fill into the relevant fields.

That is it. You have virtually entered into the Axis Bank, just with your PC and Mouse! You are now ready to conduct most of the banking transactions, which otherwise was possible only by personally visiting the branch of Axis Bank where you opened your account.

Very Important – After your axis bank Netbanking login for the first time, change the password which was sent to you by the bank. It is advised not to keep your spouse name, child’s name and such connected things as password, as it is very easy for hackers to hack into your account.

Simplest Method to Create Difficult-to-hack Password

We will give you a general Idea as to how to generate a difficult password. Try to Frame a crisp sentence on any of your life’s important milestones. For example – “In the Year 1981 I Got married”. Now take the First alphabets from the first three words, and then take the year as it is, and again add the first letters of the last three words. You will get a combination of ITY1981IGM. That is it. You have formed a difficult-to-crack password. Do ensure that you remember the sentence you created. You can create any such sentence. You can even write down the entire sentence somewhere in specified place in your diary or in a reference notebook, along with the date on which it was created. As and when you change the password, you can update the sentence with updated date in your reference notebook. There are many hundreds of such methods to create passwords that are extremely difficult for hackers to crack them.

Benefits of Axis Bank netbanking Service

With Axis Bank Netbanking iConnect Services you can conduct almost all kinds of transactions. We have listed underneath, the most important ones.

  • Block Issued cheques from realization, if you have any such need
  • Payment eCommerce Gateway for online utility and other bill payments
  • Online transactions
  • Access to personal account information
  • Cheque Book requests
  • Direct credits and debits to your account
  • Mini statement of past six transactions
  • Money Transfers between any two of its branches upto Rs 200000/-
  • Balance enquiry for savings account, current or corporate accounts, term deposits and loan accounts
  • Open Fixed Deposits
  •  Move funds between Savings A/C to Current A/C
  • Send a Mail to Relationship Manager of Axis Bank, pertaining to whatever you wish to understand
  • Open Demat Account (For Maintaining all your Stock Market Shares, Debentures etc)
  • Pay Credit Card Bills
  • Pay Electricity, Telephone & Other Utility Bills

Go ahead and enjoy the freedom that Axis bank Net Banking System provides you.