Axis Bank Customer Care Number

Axis Bank Limited, which was previously called as UTI Bank Limited, is the latest addition in the new generation banks.

Axis Bank was promoted jointly by the Unit Trust of India, Life Insurance Corporation of India, General Insurance Corporation Ltd., and National Insurance Company Ltd.

From a staid and laid back and somewhat archaic image that UTI Bank Ltd had with the public at large, Axis Bank comes across as a dynamic, strong, customer-centric bank. This is the kind of perceptional makeover Axis Bank has managed to garner from the common public.

In order to keep up with its new found dynamism, and its presence in all corners of India, Axis Bank has made available a slew of contact numbers, so that its clientele can get most their queries addressed by calling these numbers. We are providing hereunder all the contact numbers of Axis bank that is accessible to the public from across the country.

 Axis Bank Customer Care Toll Free Number

In order to make customer support available round-the-clock, and throughout the year, Axis bank has put in place the following numbers. These numbers are Toll Free (Calls to these Numbers are not Charged)

Serial Number Axis Bank Customer Care Toll Free Numbers
01 1800 233 5577
02 1800 209 5577
03 1800 103 5577
04 1860 425 9000

You can contact any of above axis bank toll free numbers from any corner of India, and we again reiterate that you will not be billed for calling these numbers.

Axis Bank Customer Care Number

In addition to the above there is one another number which is accessible for Axis Bank Customers. However calls to this Axis Bank customer care number will be charged. Hence it is advised that you jot down whatever you wish to ask, before you dial this number, so as to ensure your call does not get unnecessarily prolonged.


Axis Bank Customer Care Number for NRI Customers

Axis bank Customer care system provides for dedicated contact number for their customers who are NRI. This is done to give dedicated and focused service, at the shortest possible time. The Customer Care Number for NRIs is as under.


Axis Bank Customer Care Number for Lost Credit Cards

There are unfortunate times when a person loses his credit card. This kind of situation occurs under various circumstances. As soon as you realize that you have lost your Credit Card which has been issued by Axis Bank, do call and report it to Axis Bank Customer Care at the below given numbers which is a dedicated service only for such situations.

+91-22-25261201 or 18604258888

Axis Bank Customer Care Numbers for Lost Debit Cards

The situation is identical to the one described above. Only difference is the type of card. If you lose your debit card (Which is the card Axis bank Issues to people who own an account with them) then you report it at the below given number.


Axis Bank Customer Care Number for Blocking of Lost Debit Cards OR Credit Cards

As soon as a person has realized that she /he has lost the debit or credit card, the immediate action that needs to be taken is to Block the card. It effectively means that, your lost card should not be usable for any transactions, even if it has fallen into the hands of miscreants. To ensure this call the below given number and ask them to block the usage of the lost card.


They will ask you some specific queries to check whether you are the rightful owner of the card, and then immediately block it from its further usage. Later you can go personally to the bank and obtain a fresh card against the lost card.

5 comments to Axis Bank Customer Care Number

  • shobhana

    Hello sir,
    I want to unblock my debit card so that i can smoothly carryout my transactions.Can u let me know easy ways to do so. It would be more helpful if u can suggest something that would be done with mobile by calling the customer care.

  • satish gonal

    dear sir today i was booking my ticket online and they had ask me tp put my pin number but instead of putting card pin number i had put my bank pin number thrice due to which my card is blocked so please help me out as how do i get my pin munber if i have to do online booking i have axis bank credit master card

  • Bala

    Dear Sir

    Today is the most frustrating day in my life due to the experiance with Axis bank home loan function

    I had applied for Home loan with Axis bank couple of weeks back for a property which was already approved and paid by Axis bank. On application I was informed that the process shall take a maximium 7 days to process as it is an approved property and have reviewed my eligibility.

    There was substantial delay in getting the sanction letter of about 15 days due to Systems issue at Axis bank as informed by the executive.

    After lots of delay recieved the sanction letter and was supposed to get the DD for registration of the property one week ago

    I was told that im in queue due to systems issue and the DD would take few more days. I waited and day before yesterday was informed by the executive to provide proof of payment for all my contribution. I managed to provide complete proof of payment for the balance amount yesterday and I am supposed to register the property today.

    Last night the executive inform that the loan is rejected by bank for technical reason as the built up area is above the approved areas by 42%. And the executive indicated that he can re initiate the technical approval process.

    This is absurd and top of negligence on the part of bank to intimate to me on the date of registration.

    Would be helpful if my voice is heared by the bank and understand the grieviance

  • yashwant karande

    Customer care office take more time to revert on call.. Need to improve the service part

  • geeta zalte

    what is one time password?
    What is the process to get it from bank

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