HDFC Netbanking, easy internet banking from HDFC bank

HDFC Netbanking India is the new generation online Internet banking service which provides you the information related to your savings / current accounts and let you mange them online from anywhere, anytime through Internet connectivity. All HDFC Bank Savings and Current account holders in India can access their account through HDFC Netbanking India.

It avoids visiting to HDFC branch for simple transactions saving time and money. Moreover HDFC netbanking is totally free of charge.

How safe is HDFC Netbanking

HDFC bank has built several checks in its Internet banking software to safeguard its HDFC NetBanking transactions. The login page of HDFC netbanking asks for unique customer ID and IPIN (password) to verify the users identity. The password is not accessible to anyone, not even bank employees. Secure Internet connectivity is used for transactions using SSL, this involves scrambling of the information between the users computer and the netbanking server.

If an unauthorized user tries to access account by keying in various combinations while trying to guess the password, the account automatically get locked, after three or four wrong attempts. Last date and time of login is displayed during login so that user can make sure that nobody has accessed his account in his absence.

Check HDFC netbanking secure connectivity yourself

To check secure connectivity in Internet Explorer, you will see a lock icon in the Security Status bar. The Security Status bar is located on the right side of the Address bar. The certificate that is used to encrypt the connection also contains information about the identity of the website owner or organization. You can click the lock to view the identity of the website.

What can be done using HDFC netbanking in India

The following can be done through HDFC netbanking using the Internet from any place or location by the click of a mouse.

Account related queries

  • Check current / savings account balance
  • See online bank account statement
  • Inquire about cheque status
  • Request for an account statement
  • Request for a Cheque Book, which will be delivered at your registered address through courier
  • Inquire about  fixed deposit
  • Inquire about  TDS details
  • View  demat account  transactions and details
  • Update profile online
  • View HDFC bank Credit card bills
  • View Mutual funds portfolio if you have one

Online transactions

  • Stop a Cheque payment
  • Pay your Bills online for registered billers
  • Ask for a Demand Draft  to be delivered to you or beneficiary
  • Transfer funds between your HDFC bank accounts
  • Transfer funds to any third party bank account having NIFT
  • Request for a new Fixed Deposit  online
  • Shop Online
  • Pay HDFC Bank Credit Card Dues
  • Buy and sell Mutual Funds online

How to Use HDFC Netbanking

  • Go to HDFC bank website
  • On right hand side you will see links for HDFC net banking, select HDFC Bank Net Banking
  • On click you are taken to secure section of HDFC netbanking website.
  • Enter your unique customer ID and IPIN (password) to verify the identity.
  • After logging in you will be shown your account summary, then you can transfer funds, order for a cheque book online and can manage your account completely as per directions on the web page.
  • Logout after you have completed your online transactions and close to browser window for added security

Click on this link mentioned above to go to HDFC netbanking webpage and happy netbanking.

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