Credit Card

Credit Card means different things to different people.  For some it gives easy spending and splurging power and for others it is a very good emergency financial supply at the time of dire unexpected need, and for some others it is an integral tool in their day-to-day financial spending methods.

What exactly is a credit card

Credit Card is a Plastic en-coded Card, issued by all banks and offered to all class of people. The only criterion to obtain one is that he / she should be earning a minimum salary of Rs 4000/- PM. OK, now what does one do with this card. Actually it is – please note – as good as your own cash being spent, but let us say like issuing a cheque. The only difference is that you can make any purchase anywhere with this card, as good as instant cash paid for the purchase done. The Card Issuing bank provides a monthly statement of your spending through the card & you have to make all the payments on or before the due date.

2 comments to What is a Credit Card

  • Vettapan

    Dear Sir
    thank for the valuable information but sir i would like to state that i want to clear my doubt i have an account in SBI and ATM card and i want to apply SBI Cedit Card how can i apply online please.

    please help me sir.

    • Financial Advisor

      You can download the credit card application online but you need to submit the same to the bank. Nowadays competition is high and credit card companies including agents of SBI bank come to your doorstep to fill the form. Keep your photograph and address proof handy and call these guys

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