SBI online registration for SMS alert

Getting SMS alerts on your registered mobile phone for all banking transactions enhances safety of your SBI savings account as you get immediate information of your account activity.  It helps you to have a check on all bank transactions and you come to know immediately if there is any spurious activity and you can take immediate corrective action.

To enable online SMS alerts of SBI accounts your mobile number must be registered with your account number. If this is not done you will have to visit your bank branch first and get your mobile number registered with your account number. This cannot be done online. Also your SBI netbanking must be enable and you have the username and password of your account. If internet banking is not enabled read this article: SBI  online registration for net banking

Steps for SBI online registration for SMS alert

  • Login into your SBI account online by using your username and password. Link: SBI online banking login page
  • Click the SMS alerts link in the requests tab of the accounts summary page. You are displayed the list of your accounts mapped to your username.
  • Select your SBI bank account for which you wish to set mobile SMS alerts.
  • Click on proceed.  in the next step you will be displayed the list of events in the account for which you can configure alerts.
  • Select the Yes or No options to define mobile SMS alerts for account hold and release hold alerts, cheque stop alerts, cheque book issue and cheque dishonored event alerts.
  • Also set the limit or threshold beyond which you will receive an automatically generated SMS when your bank account is debited or credited or when balance goes beyond minimum and maximum threshold.
  • Click the update button and you will see the success message in a pop up window.

Now you have registered online for SBI  SMS alerts., happy internet banking

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