Brown Label and White label ATM’s in India

ATM’s have made our lives easier as far as withdrawal of cash from bank is concerned and other options provided by ATM machines. We must have come across White and Brown label ATM’s acronym. Here we define what are these and the difference between them.

Brown label ATM’s ( BLA)

We always think that the bank branded ATM machines are operated by the bank concerned, but this is not the case. Banks only handle part of the process that is cash handling and back-end server connectivity. The ATM machine is owned by the thirty along with the physical infrastructure. So Brown label ATM’s are intermediate between Bank owned ATM machines and White Label ATM’s. Brown label ATM machines are widespread in India as banks are saving on huge infrastructure costs.

White label ATM’s (WLA)

These ATM’s are purely manages by third party service providers and have their label. These are branded non bank ATM machines. Cash handling, management and logistics are provided by third party. Debit cards of all banks can be operated through these machines. The role of the concerned bank is only limited to provided account information and back end money  transfers to the third parties managing these ATM machines. RBI has allowed white label ATM’s in India to have more penetration of ATM machines. . Tata Communications Payment Solutions has become the first comany to launch this service in India under the brand name “Indicash”. It has a tie up with 37 banks to start with. So now you will soon see branded non bank third party white label ATM machines in your vicinity.

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