Standard Chartered Bank Online Banking

In todays fast pace scenario, people do not have the luxury of going to their bank to conduct every day transactions like depositing cash, depositing cheque, withdrawing money, seeking personal loan, obtaining cheque books and many such things.

This has been well understood and recognized by almost all the banks that are operating in India. Standard Chartered Bank is no exception to this. In fact, it could not have been exception for the simple reason that it is a bank of American Origin, and hence deployment of IT technology is something which they have learnt far earlier than our Indian Banks.

Coming to Online Banking with Standard Chartered bank, the procedure to register and operate is very similar to that of most of the multinational banks, except for some small changes here and there. First let us see the procedures for registration for Online Banking with Standard Chartered bank. Then we will see what are the facilities and services that can be accessed through Online banking of Standard Chartered bank.

Standard Chartered Online Banking – Registration Procedure

  • As a first step open the Website of Standard Chartered bank.
  • The link is
  • Keep your Debit Card and PIN Number.
  • Keep your ATM Card and PIN Number.
  • Click on the Button which says Register for Online Banking.
  • Select the Drop Down Menu, and Click on “I Want to Register With”.
  • The Drop down Menu will show you both your Debit Card, and ATM Card Numbers next to each other.
  • Select either of them.
  • Enter the PIN Number relevant to your selection.
  • The system will show you, your Mobile Number, and ask you for confirmation.
  • Check whether it is correct, and then confirm it.
  • Now the system will send an activation code to your mobile.
  • At this stage select for yourself a suitable User Name & Password.
  • Enter the Activation Code, which was sent to your mobile, in the relevant field.
  • Done. You have registered yourself with Standard Chartered bank for Online Banking.
  • This will be confirmed by a Greeting Message with your name, your account Number etc.
  • The above step would be shown in a New Webpage.
  • Now you can login with your User Name and Password.

Standard Chartered Online Banking – Facilities and Services

  • You can view balance in each of your accounts.
  • Transfer funds from one account to the other.
  • Place a request for New Cheque Book.
  • Seek Monthly, Quarterly statement by Mail or by Post, or Both, as per your needs through online banking of standard chartered.
  • Place a request for personal loan, housing loan, vehicle loan.
  • If you have already availed of a loan, check the payment due status, and also make payments.
  • If you want a credit card, apply for one.
  • If you already have Standard Chartered bank Credit Cards, see their statements.
  • Make Credit Card Payments.
  • Locate your nearest branch.
  • Locate your nearest ATM.
  • Write a mail to them, from with the Online Banking System.

The above mentioned are just some of the regular transactions that one can conduct with Standard Chartered Bank Online Banking.

As you make it a regular habit to conduct your transactions through Standard Chartered Online Banking system, you will discover many more services that can be availed of, through this facility.