PNB Credit Card Online

Any individual who satisfies the eligibility criteria as laid down can apply for ‘PNB Credit Card’. The Printed Application form can be obtained from any of the branch at the Identified Centre.

Eligibility Criteria for PNB credit card

  1. Educational qualification: Minimum 10th Class Pass
  2. Age:  For Primary Card: 21-65 years ( For add-on-Card: 18-65 years)
  3. Address Status:  The Applicant should either be resident / employed, within the city limit of identified centre.
  4. Applicant should have banking relationship with PNB with a satisfactory track record of minimum 6 months.
  5. Income Criteria:

(a) Classic Card

Salaried Individuals Min. Rs.1,00,000/- pa

Business/ Self Employed / Professionals Min. Rs.1,00,000/- pa

(b) Gold Card

Salaried Individuals Min. Rs.250,000/- pa.

Business/ Self Employed / Professionals Min. Rs.200,000/- pa

Documents to be submitted for credit card application

The Printed Application form is available with identified branches of PNB. Duly completed application form should be accompanied with the following documents:

  1. Residence Proof i.e. Voter ID card or Driving License or Passport or Telephone Bill or Electricity Bill.
  2. Self-attested Copy of PAN Card; or, Form 60 / 61 (with Photo ID).
  3. Income Proof i.e. copy of Form 16/Income Tax Return or Salary Certificate.

All credit card applicants should affix his/her Passport size photograph on credit card application form at the space provided. Applicant should put his signature across the Photograph.

PNB Credit Card Online Application Form

PNB Credit card application form can be received from any of the PNB branches or can be downloaded from the link below:

PNB Credit Card Online Statements

A credit card statement will show all purchases and payments you have made using your credit card.

Each statement will cover a set period of time, usually a month.

Purchases and payments since the date of your last statement should be shown on the current statement.

The statement might also tell you how long it takes to process the payment before it is credited to your account. It can take up to five working days. Make sure you make your payments within the time limit or you may incur additional interest charges or late payment penalties. 

More information about making payments

Paying more than the minimum amount 

You can pay more than the minimum amount if you wish. This is always worth doing if you can as this can reduce the amount of interest you pay on the balance.

Paying less than the minimum payment 

Contact your credit card company if you have difficulty paying the minimum payment. Your credit card company might charge additional costs if you do not pay the minimum payment and do not contact them to make arrangements.

What if you do not pay credit card statement within the time limit?
You might incur extra charges. Charges could include a late payment fee and additional interest might be added to your account. If you regularly miss payments your credit rating could be affected. You could also face legal action for non-payment. 

PNB Credit Card Online Payment

For the payment of credit cards bills one has many options available. As per there comfort one can avail any of the following options available below:

  • Auto debit
  • Cash payment/cheque/draft
  • ECS
  • Internet banking
  • Online payment
  • Payment through NEFT
  • VISA Money transfer facility