HDFC mutual fund customer care

HDFC mutual fund is regarded as one of the best mutual funds with respect to return on investment made and ensuring quality services.

It also believes in long term customer relationship by handling the grievances, if any by various means of communication like- email, feedback form, customer care service, etc. They welcome the feedback of their investors about there various products and services being offered so that it helps them to review, analyze and improve at every possible opportunity.

HDFC mutual fund customer care

The following are various avenues for investor to contact / write to HDFC mutual fund customer care, depending on their convenience. HDFC mutual fund customer care assures a quality service as by contacting back to you in 2 business days.

HDFC mutual fund customer care call centre

You can call the fund house between 9.00 am to 7.00 pm (Monday to Friday) and 9.00 am to 1.30 pm (Saturday) on the following numbers any where from India:

1800 233 6767 (Toll-free) / 6000 6767 (Please do not prefix STD code – local charges apply)

HDFC mutual fund customer care email address

You can contact through email to the HDFC Mutual Fund Investor Service Centre (ISC). This will facilitate immediate attention to your communication. The email ID of such ISC is available on the last statement of account sent to you.
Alternatively, you can also email HDFC mutual fund customer care at their corporate email ID:

HDFC mutual fund customer care through SMS

You can also SMS ‘HDFCMF’ to 56767

HDFC mutual fund customer care Investor Service Centers

Alternatively, you can also contact personally by walk-in to any of Investor Service Centers nearest to you and get your grievances solved. For locate a Investor Service Centre network, please click here.

The address of your Investor Service Centre is also available on the last statement of account sent to you.

HDFC mutual fund customer care Feedback and grievances form

After contacting you can also fill the feedback and grievances form to inform whether your complaint was taken care and regard was given to it by satisfying your complaint. Also if you are not satisfied you can mention the same with the evidence or proofs in support to your complaint and register your grievance. Your feedback is deeply appreciated as this will help the organization to make remove mismanagement at various down levels, formulate long lasting customer relation by redressal of their complaints/ grievances and help serve you better.

Customer feedback and grievances form can be accessed through link given below.

4 comments to HDFC mutual fund customer care

  • dharmvver

    I have investing Rs 1000 per month in HDFC TOP 200 Fund last 5 Yrs. Can I Continue this fund or Change the Fund. Please advice me what i do

  • devender

    i want to deposit rs 1000 per month in hdfc equity may i know what will be gain after 10 years i needed money for my daughter marriage and education plz send full details through net or email
    thanking u

  • murali modukuru

    Is HDFC mutual funds(HDFC Equity Fund (G) ) coming under income tax?

    that means can we submit this amount for income tax detections

    Pls send me the reply ASAP


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