Income Tax Refund Status 2009

If you are trying to check income tax refund status 2009 then you need to log in to

  or These links can get you on the page where you can easily get income tax refund status 2009. You must know that there is no fee involved in this procedure of knowing income tax refund status 2009.

Knowing the refund status of any year is a simple procedure and is same for all the years let it be for current assessment year or for any of the previous year’s assessments. Once you are on these links then you need to enter your PAN and the year 2009 if you want to know the income tax refund status 2009. You easily can see the correct information in front of you. There are many other portals that help you to see the status but they charge you some fee for this service which is otherwise available without any cost.

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  • B.J.Pinto

    My asssment year 2008-2009 ( PAN Card No ADK PP 4240 L )was filled with mistake but later corrected with all respect. ( problem was, first 6 month I was employee and later 6 month as consultant. hence IT-4 form was filled in submitted in 2008.) However other Refunds 0f 2009-2010 & 2010-2011 are received but no refund is seen of Assessment year 2008-2009

    Why IT authorites are delaying the matter is beyond my imagination as Every now and then visiting to IT office get different reply but no refund.

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