Documents Required for PAN Card

What is PAN Card?

PAN card is the permanent account number issued by an assessing officer of the income tax department. It is a photo identity card that carries ten digit alphanumeric numbers for every card holder.

Uses of PAN Card

  • Photo identity to opening bank account.
  • Filling of income tax (IT) return.
  • To get the TDS amount back.
  • To get passport
  • PAN card is also necessary in withdrawing or transferring amount of 50,000 or more from one bank account to another.

Documents Required for PAN Card

Documents that are required for applying PAN card are given below:

  1. Proof of identity
  2. Proof of address

Proof of identity

The lists of the documents that are used as proof of identity are mentioned below:

  • School leaving or matriculation certificate
  • Degree of any recognized educational institution
  • Bank account or credit card statement
  • Water bill
  • Ration card
  • Passport
  • Voter identity card
  • Driving license

Proof of Address

The lists of the documents that are used as proof of address are mentioned below:

  • Electricity or Telephone bill
  • Bank account/Credit card/Depository account statement.
  • Rent receipt, Employer certificate
  • Passport, voter identity card, driving license or ration card
  • Property tax assessment order

Note: Copy of above any of the following should be attested by any Gazetted officer.

2 comments to Documents Required for PAN Card

  • Savurirajan

    If Net banking last 10 transaction is eligible to submit the proof bank statement in pan card

  • sunny sawhney

    Pan Card verification documents:
    For those who live abroad and need a Pan Card and especially those holding a foreign passport/nationality, the documents that the pan office asks for are quite ridiculous.
    In the absence of an OCI/PIO card, one is asked for a bank statement to be signed by a solicitor/notary public and then apostilled, both the exercises cost money.
    In most european countries, one can show a driving licence which has a photo of the person alongwith with the address or a utility bill(gas, electricity, water and others) are acceptable but not by the Indian Pan office.
    Why can’t they make it easier by accepting the documents other parts of world do?
    When will the bureaucracy change and when will such offices simply their procedures?
    When it comes to making a payment, they want an overseas person to provide a banker’s draft in Rupees. Why won’t they provide a facility to pay online which is available to all those who live in the country? One can pay for a rail or a airline ticket or even a hotel booking online but not a for Pan Card.
    When is this new India going to change?
    If anyone from the hierarchy reads these comments, please pass them onto someone higher up the ladder and propose changes.

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