SBI SMS Banking

State bank of India’s customer can avail SBI SMS services simply by sending SMS to SBI from your mobile phone. SBI has deliberated the system where you can register for mobile banking without any hassle from your branch. Following is the step by step guidance on registering and activating SBI SMS banking services.

 Instructions to register with SBI SMS services

  • First type mbsreg in your mobile and send it to 9223440000.
  • Now you will get a user ID and default MPIN.
  • Next step is to change the default MPIN before using this facility.
  • To change the default MPIN type <Smpin> <UserId> <OldMpin> <NewMpin> and send it to 9223440000.
  • Now you will receive confirmation SMS that “Your Pin is changed” along with acceptance of terms and conditions that you need to accept.
  • For that type <Saccept> <UserId> <Mpin> and send to 9223440000.
  • Once you have successfully sent the message your SBI SMS banking facility is fully operational.
  • You will get two options to confirm your SMS banking services. Firstly to consult any branch of home network bank and the other one is ATM.
  • You can get the SBI SMS banking facility after two days of successful registration.

This will provide you with safe banking experience.

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