SBI Vishwa Yatra Card

SBI offers prepaid card facilities to its customers apart from the usual credit cards.

The speciality of the prepaid card is that you have paid in advance for the use of the card and later on you need not worry about paying the bills. The most popular card in this category is the SBI Vishwa Yatra Card. This card can be of great use to the customer who is about to travel abroad. It relieves you of the troubles of carrying traveller’s cheques and going to money changers every time you are in need of urgent cash. You can make all your payments abroad using your SBI Vishwa Yatra Card.

SBI Vishwa Yatra Card Kit

The card comes in a kit containing ATM and web PIN Number, User Guide Manual, A Reload Coupon. All the details of handling and managing your SBI Vishwa Yatra Card are mentioned in the User’s Manual for the convenience of the customers.

SBI Vishwa Yatra Card features

  • The card as been launched in collaboration with VISA which has large number point-of-sale (POS) terminals.
  • The card is valid for 5 years
  • After every transaction passes, you are sent the transaction details through SMS.
  • The SBI Vishwa Yatra Card is valid for 3 currencies: Euro, USD and GBP.
  • You can issue two more additional cards for convenience.
  • The card can be reloaded with balance by making a call to the branch. No hassles are involved.
  • E-details of transactions and customer care facility is available 24 hours.

Transaction Limits of SBI Vishwa Yatra Card

  • Cash Advance from ATMs: 100-1000 USD, 80-800 Euros, 50-500 GBP in a single transaction.
  • POS: No minimum limit with maximum up to the limit of the card.

Obtaining an SBI Vishwa Yatra Card

To own an SBI Vishwa Yatra Card certain documents and credentials are required. They are:

  • Photocopy of Passport
  • Photocopy of Pan Card or Form 60 is to be filled
  • Application form cum agreement is to be filled
  • Form A2 (if more than USD 5000 is to be used)

Customer Care Information of SBI Vishwa Yatra Card

Toll free number from BSNL/MTNL landline: 1800-11-22-11



9 comments to SBI Vishwa Yatra Card

  • Vishwanath Bhagat

    My experience with this card has not been smooth:
    1. Not proper backend support – neither the Bank staff nor the call center executives seem to have adequate knowledge of how this card works.
    The online account management had a quirk which are neither the bank staff are aware nor do the support staff seem to possess adequate knowledge about the card.

    2. There is no toll-free number for help when you are abroad. (Neither is the call center in India helpful. They just read out information available on the website and ask you to talk to the branch that issued you the card.)

    3. After I logged in with the Web Pin, I was not able to view the history of transactions and the current balance. Neither the bank executive nor the call center were able to explain why I was not able to help with this. The standard answer was – You should see the option.
    It turns out that you have to change the password after logging in for the first time. I discovered this accidentally.

    4. While abroad, the payment would fail randomly at POS – message would be: ‘Voice Authentication needed. Contact your bank’

    5. I observed that one has to wait for couple of hours after one transaction. The payment most time failed when done within a short interval.

    It is better to distribute the amount over pre-paid cards of couple of banks rather than rely on one card totally.

    • Umang

      Hey Bhagat, Thanks for your Information. That was rather useful. Can ou please brief that If I am traveling to Japan, South Korea, Vietnam and Thailand which of these cards is useful and secure that it may b hassle free and helpful at the time of need as well as less in transaction fees and usage fees. I am reluctant to carry cash in USD in order to reduce the threat of it being lost. Thanks and regards. Umang.

    • Pramod

      Totally agree with Vishwanath.

      – They have almost horrible bottlenecks
      – I am stuck with no money accessible as they say there is 24 hour limit on declined or successful transacations
      – I am not able to take out money at ATMs
      – I am not able to use this online.
      – It randomly fails in Point of sale transaction
      – Customer service exists only during 9-5 PM India time and again you cant reach most of the time as they are busy
      – Overall, pathetic service. You may want to consider another card – citibank is the best but it has more added charges. Personally, this is better than trying to work with SBI’s limits. I am stuck with my company’s option of choosing SBI.

  • Ramesh N. Nair

    According to your website one can draw U.S.$ 100-1000 per day and charge for this transaction is U.S.$ 1.75. However, I am able to draw U.S. $ 600 only and the charge is 4.75 per transaction. An explanation is required urgently.

  • Manjunath N.S

    I hav to send money to my student staying in US but i dont hav account in SBI what is the procedure?

  • rajesh

    i forgot passward what i have to do kindly help me

  • Mrs. Dutta

    could i used this card in India also? how could i refund the balance amount?

  • Kumar

    i got it on spot. but it has many bottel necks!! u cannot book tickets nor use it online!!

  • abhitej

    if applied for vishwa card within how many days or hours is it issued

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