Axis Bank SWIFT Code

SWIFT code stands for “Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication”. These are in a combination of alphabets & numbers and the SWIFT Code could consist anything between 8 characters to 11 Characters.

This is also called as BIC – which is Bank Identifier Code, in the banking system around the world.

These are unique numbers assigned by SWIFT – Which is kind of a Global Banking Industry’s Intranet System, in order to uniquely and distinctly identify each and every participating Bank, as well as its branches, across the globe.

The SWIFT system has been framed, to ensure international financial transactions (Such as transfer of funds, standing guarantee for the financial transactions being conducted by corporate clients, Trading of Foreign Exchange etc.) in a smooth & error-free environment.

Axis Bank SWIFT Code

Axis Bank Limited has its registered Office and Central Office at Fort, in Mumbai. The SWIFT Code for Axis Bank Central Office is AXISINBB002. People who wish to get inward remittances of Foreign Exchange are required to send this code to Payee, and inform the Beneficiary’s Name and Account Number. The funds would get wire-transferred to the receiver’s account, normally within a day.

There are in-fact, 190 Branches of Axis Bank which are enabled with SWIFT CODE, which enables all these branches to conduct a whole variety of Foreign exchange related operations. This would be mostly essential for Importers, Exporters, Large Corporates who have their operations in various parts of the world, and many other such categories of entities.

They may kindly refer to this link – or else visit the branch with which they have regular dealings, and obtain the complete list.

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