ICICI Demat Account Charges

ICICI bank provides its customers the Demat Account or the online trading account to get easy savings and investment in the Indian stock market with easy dealings. ICICI Bank has its 24 X 7 customer care services which assist the customers to get the most essential and basic facilities. ICICI bank provides the details of Demat Account through SMS and emails alerts. All instant information like ISINs, transactions and billings, are provided by emails. All alerts of credit and debit are also provided through e banking by ICICI Bank.

These following are the ICICI demat account charges:-

1)      There is no amount necessary for opening the demat account in ICICI bank. These are valid on sub/ frequent broker charges and standard charges.

2)      Annual service fee is Rs 500 and for frequent/sub brokers is Rs 1200 for ICICI demat account.

3)      An agreement is essential to make in a stamp paper of Rs 100.

4)      The ICICI demat account charges are Rs 0 for buying shares.

5)      The selling charges applicable are – 0 for trade on icicidirect.com
for internet provided instructions –0.04% (standard charges) and 0.02% (frequent/sub broker).
For instructions provided through call centers –0.04% (standard charges) and 0.02% (frequent/sub broker). 
For instructions provided through branches –0.04% (standard charges) and 0.02% (frequent/sub broker).

6)      If rejection fails in ICICI bank then Rs 30 are the standard valid charges and Rs 15 are the valid charges for frequent/sub brokers.

7)       Dematerialization charges for every request form are Rs 35 and Rs 2 for every extra certificate.

8)      In ICICI Bank dematerialization charges are Rs 20 for every 100 securities.

9)      ICICI demat account charges are nil for the closure of the account.

10)  Rs 10 per ISIN are valid for instruction provided through branches.

11)   Supplementary account statements charge Rs 20 both frequent and sub brokers and for standard rates.

Now you can open an Online Trading and Demat Account free with ICICI Bank Demat Account. It has zero account opening charges. All you have to do is to choose an online trading plan which suits your needs and pay only the charges of AMC which are fully adjustable.

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