HDFC Food prepaid Card

HDFC offers a range of prepaid cards for its customers among which, is the HDFC Food Plus Card. This card can be issued by any organisation for its employees to get rid of the coupon system for having meals in the office. The food card gives advantage of being used at all Visa Food joints. It can be reloaded with balance by the instructions of the organisation administration. The HDFC Food Card is not operational at any ATM and can be used only for purchases on a food joint. HDFC offers convenient meals for many corporate employees through the Food Plus Prepaid Card.

The Food Card if lost can be locked by calling on the customer care numbers or by logging on to A new card will be issued in the name of the employee and the balance amount on the lost card will be carried forward to the new card. Please see the “HDFC Bank” article for customer care numbers.

Advantages of HDFC Food Card

  • The card can be reloaded on a monthly basis.
  • It is easy to carry.
  • Online net banking for HDFC Food Plus Card is available 24×7 like other debit and credit cards
  • The card is accepted at all food and beverage joints in India accepting Visa Cards.
  • The process of getting a Food Plus card is very simple and hassle free.
  • In case the PIN number is forgotten by the employee, a new pin will be issued to the person by calling on the customer care number.
  • The balance on the HDFC Food Plus Card can be viewed from any HDFC ATM machine.
  • Monthly statements are given out to the employees to know exactly how much they have spent.
  • No hassle of carrying the meal coupons or vouchers and the company too can easily keep a track of exactly how much is being spent through the card.
  • No paper work is involved because the employees get rid of the reimbursement voucher filling, making a lot of company administration work easier.
  • HDFC Bank offers through the Food Plus Card, the most convenient way of providing meal allowances to employees.