HDFC Food prepaid Card

HDFC offers a range of prepaid cards for its customers among which, is the HDFC Food Plus Card. This card can be issued by any organisation for its employees to get rid of the coupon system for having meals in the office. The food card gives advantage of being used at all Visa Food joints. It can be reloaded with balance by the instructions of the organisation administration. The HDFC Food Card is not operational at any ATM and can be used only for purchases on a food joint. HDFC offers convenient meals for many corporate employees through the Food Plus Prepaid Card.

The Food Card if lost can be locked by calling on the customer care numbers or by logging on to A new card will be issued in the name of the employee and the balance amount on the lost card will be carried forward to the new card. Please see the “HDFC Bank” article for customer care numbers.

Advantages of HDFC Food Card

  • The card can be reloaded on a monthly basis.
  • It is easy to carry.
  • Online net banking for HDFC Food Plus Card is available 24×7 like other debit and credit cards
  • The card is accepted at all food and beverage joints in India accepting Visa Cards.
  • The process of getting a Food Plus card is very simple and hassle free.
  • In case the PIN number is forgotten by the employee, a new pin will be issued to the person by calling on the customer care number.
  • The balance on the HDFC Food Plus Card can be viewed from any HDFC ATM machine.
  • Monthly statements are given out to the employees to know exactly how much they have spent.
  • No hassle of carrying the meal coupons or vouchers and the company too can easily keep a track of exactly how much is being spent through the card.
  • No paper work is involved because the employees get rid of the reimbursement voucher filling, making a lot of company administration work easier.
  • HDFC Bank offers through the Food Plus Card, the most convenient way of providing meal allowances to employees.

21 comments to HDFC food card

  • Raadhe

    Can anyone please tell me how to check balance of HDFC FoodPlus card online?
    I have received IPIN but when i enter IPIN it is saying Invalid username/password.
    Kindly help me..

    Thanks in advance!!

  • Souvik


    Can you please tell me the list of major merchants where I can use HDFC food card. Can i use it on spencers or Big Bazar..

  • Nitin

    Can we used HDFC food card for below outlets.

    1: Big bazar
    2; Dmart
    3: Grocerry store (where shopkeeper accept the visa enabled card)

    • Financial Advisor

      The Food Card (currently called Food Plus Card) is accepted at all Visa ‘Food & Beverage’ outlets, across India. Big Bazaar, D MArt, Reliance Fresh etc have this facility

  • Goutham

    Can i tranfer amount from my debit card to food card?

  • raj

    I have a hdfc food plus card.please give me link of outlets where this can be used

  • Srikanth Rao Nadipelli

    I lost my HDFC food plus card. I called the customer care and blocked it. I applied for a new HDFC food plus card. I didn’t find any information about the amount being carry forwarded to the new card. Can you please let me know the procedure to transfer the amount from the blocked card to the new card?

  • Asha

    can any one tell me how to check HDFC food card balance in online.

  • pallavi kumar

    we want meal card for our employees, which can be used in all locations PAN India. We have around 1800 employees at various locations. Can your representative visit our office in Delhi and update us on the issue.

  • Rajasekaran


    Can I transfer my food card amount from one card to another HDFC food Card?

  • Nikhil Agarwal

    Can anyone please tell me how to check the balance on my HDFC Food Card

    • Praveen

      You might have received a ATM Pin Number along with the HDFC Food card.
      Visit the nearest HDFC atm and check your balance, like the way you check your Debit/Credit card balance.

  • Maddy

    Please also note this limitation from gov tax rule on using such a food cards.
    1.The aggregate amount of ready to eat food or non-alcoholic beverage purchased during a day by an employee shall not exceed one hundred rupees;
    2.The card shall be used by the employee only for the purpose of purchasing ready to eat food or non-alcoholic beverage from a member establishment


  • Aravind Naidu

    Yes u can get tax benefit for food card.


    Dear Sir,

    Can you clarify if Income Tax benefit is available on HDFC Food card. i.e., in case employer credits amounts to the account of his employees through HDFC food card, will the employees get tax benefit?

  • D Yogeswari

    Dear Sir,

    We are an MNC corporate based at Coimbatore, TamilNadu State operating with 500+ employee strength.

    We are looking for the MEAL CARD BENEFIT for all our employees for the purpose of Tax benefit. Would appreciate if you can share us with the details of the same based on which we can schedule a meeting for commercial discussion upon which we can take it further.

    Should you require any more details from my end please let us know.

    D Yogeswari

    • Financial Advisor

      You should contact HDFC bank directly for this food card. The other option is to go for Sodexo meal coupons. Tax saving is there on sodexo and this is used by all major corporates like TATA and Reliance. HDFC food card is used less as compared to sodexo coupons.

      • Narayana

        In addition to Sodexo, a large number of corporates use Accor Coupons which is also called as Ticket Restaurant Coupons. This too is exempt from Income Tax of India.

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