Bank of Baroda Internet banking

Bank of Baroda, one of the premier PSU bank in India now also provides online banking facility to its entire customer base having either personal or business banking relationship.

With this facility the customers of bank of Baroda can now avail online banking facilities at par as provided by private sector banks in India. n. This online banking facility is called “Baroda Connect” and is available free to all its customers.

The bank provides best online security to its customers by providing SSL connectivity with third party SSL certificate verification.

Check secure connectivity yourself

To check secure connectivity in Internet Explorer, you will see a lock icon in the Security Status bar. The Security Status bar is located on the right side of the Address bar. The certificate that is used to encrypt the connection also contains information about the identity of the website owner or organization. You can click the lock to view the identity of the website.

Advantages of Bank of Baroda netbanking

  • Anytime anywhere banking available all 24 hours, seven days a week
  • No need to visit bank branches, operate your account from the comfort of your home  / office
  • Free of charge to all Bank of Baroda customers

The online customers have two options view facility and transaction facility

Under account view facility Bank of Baroda customers can

  • View Account summary of all types of bank accounts savings, current, foxed deposit and loan accounts
  • Net banking customers can club there multiple accounts under one user ID and using this single ID they can view all multiple Account information online easily
  • Internet banking clients can view their account statements, and also save them on their computer or take printouts of that if required

Online transaction Facility

Under Transaction facility online customers can also do the following transactions in addition to the abovementioned view account facilities.

  • Transfer funds online immediately or schedule transfer for a future date to own accounts, accounts within the same bank or any third party bank account
  • Netbanking customers can also pay direct and indirect taxes online like income tax, central excise tax, service tax, customs duty etc.
  • Online bill payment through Baroda Easy Pay: Bank of Baroda customers can now pay utility bills online and pay to other services like electricity bills, mobile phone bills, donations, online subscriptions etc. Rail tickets can also be booked online through IRCTC

Steps to be followed while logging for the first time on Bank of Baroda website

1.      Open Bank of Baroda Internet banking website by typing in Internet browser

2.      Click on Net Banking option and select Country

3.      Select your user category either retail user or corporate user

4.      You will be directed to the secure login page of Internet banking. You can check the SSL certificate of this page as mentioned above

5.      Login requires two things user name and password. These are provided when you apply for online Internet banking. User ID is sent to the communication address and the password is to be collected from the bank branch for added safety. Enter both of them (password is case sensitive)

6.      The terms and conditions for Bank of Baroda net banking page will open which are to be read carefully and accepted

7.      The browser now takes you to the change password screen, which is mandatory while logging for the first time for enhanced safety

Steps six and seven are not required after first use of Bank of Baroda Internet banking.

9 comments to Bank of Baroda Internet Banking

  • Sudesh Haldanker

    I am having a saving account in bank of baroda panaji Goa & applied for netbanking.I have received user ID & password but have got no idea of netbanking procedure Can you guide what are the steps to be followed while doing safe e-banking

    Also tell me about type of best web browser,best Antivirus total security software,type of keyboard,mouse & various others devices to be used

  • dayanand

    I am not able to login for internet banking of bank of baroda please help me regarding internet banking.

    • Financial Advisor

      What are the problems you are facing in this, is it user id related or password related or something else. There is no resolution for generic problem, you have to be specific.

  • Anuj

    Yes its true.
    Since the new OTP system has come, i can’t even login. I am forced to use IE which i find unsafe.

  • Jagan Mohanan

    While one is able to use Internet Explorer to change the password or transfer money to other accounts on Bank Of Baroda’s I-banking, Firefox does not allow the same transactions. Is it true that Bank Of Baroda’s web page does not support Firefox for such use?

  • sajeed pathan

    Make a simple method to go through net banking. For example: as soon as open the bobnetbanking, after enter into the login name and password with the help of sb account number it should be immediately to look into the balance and transactions made.

  • murtuza moiz ali kagdi

    Make a simple method to go through net banking. For example: as soon as open the bobnetbanking, after enter into the login name and password with the help of sb account number it should be immediately to look into the balance and transactions made.

  • nagarajan.s


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