How to verify PAN number

Permanent Account Number (PAN) is a unique 10 digit alpha numeric code which is generated by whole discretion of Income Tax Department of India. If you wish to do any financial investments like mutual funds, shares etc then possession of this card is mandatory. It is mandatory for every individual to have a PAN card. You can easily apply for a PAN card online also. Once you get your PAN card you might want to verify your PAN card number but the concern is how to verify PAN number? It is very easy to verify your PAN number.

You can easily verify your PAN number at any point of time. Follow the following steps in order to verify your PAN number:

  • Visit website .
  • Enter your first name, middle name (if any), surname and date of birth on the website.
  • Click on submit query button.
  • Another page will appear with a small window which says “Please provide these additional details”.
  • Fill in your father’s first name, father’s middle name and father’s last name.
  • Again click on submit query button.
  • A small screen will appear with heading “Your PAN details”.
  • It will consist of your PAN number, first name, surname and Jurisdiction.
  • You can easily verify your PAN number with the number appeared in the screen, if both the PAN number match then your verification is done.

See how easy it was. Now go and verify you PAN number.

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