HDFC Bank Credit Cards

Perhaps one of the biggest bank chains in the world, HDFC bank promises a lot of attractive offers and privileges to its users. One of the most attractive and multiple-benefits promising areas is the wide range of credit cards offered by HDFC bank.

HDFC has categorized each of its credit cards under the following heads – Classic Cards, Special Benefit Cards, Premium Cards and Commercial Cards.

Classic Cards by HDFC

The Classic Cards have a feature that enables the cardholder to earn reward points for every time he spends. These accumulated points can be redeemed for exciting gifts and offers from the exclusive rewards program. The HDFC Bank International Silver Credit Card falls under this category, and promises use in every human requirement – shopping, eating out, holidaying, and fuelling up the vehicle, railway ticket reservations – basically just about any financial requirement.

Special Benefits Card by HDFC

The Value Plus Credit Card falls under the Special Benefit Cards category, and promises to be power packed with a host of unmatched features that provides the cardholder’s family with true value and savings. It is a Guaranteed Cash Back card which enables the user to earn up to 5% cash back on his/her retail spends, anywhere anytime during the year.

Premium Cards by HDFC

Cards which fall under the Premium cards category are the Gold Credit Card, the Titanium Credit Card, the Woman’s Gold Card, the Platinum Plus Credit Card, the Visa Signature Credit Card, and the World Master Card.

The Gold Credit Card is loaded with travel benefits – discounts, cash back offers, and air miles redemption. These benefits can also be shared as HDFC offers the facility of an add-on card for every family-member of the cardholder, absolutely free of cost.

The HDFC Bank calls its Titanium Credit Card the most exclusive Credit card one could ask for. It has a unique reward points structure which rewards points on both domestic and international spends. The card also offers a full waiver of the fuel surcharge.

HDFC Bank Woman’s Gold credit card has been made specifically for women and offers the benefits of the best premium card.

The Platinum Plus Credit Card is India’s only Platinum Credit Card with exclusive travel and preferential benefits.

Apart from the features provided by the other Premium cards, the HDFC Bank Platinum Plus Credit Card with Chip Technology has an additional feature that makes all Credit Card transactions more secure, convenient and rewarding. The Chip Card processes data with unparalleled security and is virtually impossible to copy or tamper with. It also protects the card against counterfeiting and skimming. Online transactions are authenticated with an additional password for enhanced security through Verified by VISA.

The HDFC Bank Visa Signature Credit Card grants the user preferential access to services and benefits around the world. Customer care representatives provide round-the-clock assistance to help in availing these benefits. The HDFC Bank Visa Signature Credit card gives Signature access as it entitles its user a Priority pass that provides him/her access to exclusive airport lounges across the world. The card also promises Signature rewards and Signature benefits in addition to the existing features of a Premium card.

The HDFC Bank World MasterCard Credit Card offers world luxury as it entitles the cardholder to an exclusive “Taj Epicure” membership. The cardholder can indulge himself in the hospitality of Taj hotels and resorts worldwide. He/she can also enjoy the fine culinary delights of the Taj and enjoy a discount on all his/her visits through Taj Epicure membership. The card also promises World rewards and World benefits in addition to the existing features of a Premium card.

Commercial Cards offered by the HDFC Bank

The final category of credit cards offered by HDFC is the wide range of Commercial Cards which include the Corporate Platinum Credit Card, the Corporate Credit Card, the Business Platinum Credit Card, the Business Gold Credit Card, the Purchase Card and the Distributor Card.

Other features common to most cards are an Interest Free Credit Period of up to 50 days from the date of purchase, and a revolving credit facility, which allows the user to pay a minimum amount, which is 5% (subject to a minimum amount of Rs.200) of the total bill amount or any higher amount whichever is convenient for the user. HDFC Bank Credit Cards are widely accepted at over 110,000 merchant establishments across India and Nepal and close to 18 million merchant establishments around the world.

The eligibility criteria to hold a card requires the minimum age to be 21 years for both a salaried as well as self-employed person, and the maximum age to be 60 years for a salaried and 65 years for a self-employed person.

If the cardholder happens to lose his/her Card, then it must be immediately reported to the HDFC 24-hour call centre. After reporting the loss, the owner carries zero liability on any fraudulent transactions on his/her card.

HDFC Credit Card Customer Care

Toll free number from any BSNL/MTNL landline phone: 1800-425-4332


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