With 58000 employees, Punjab National Bank  adopted Oracle’s People Soft HRMS solution to improve The HR management in deploying the staff at the right places and ensuring the best possible succession plan.

Using HRMS, an employer can configure payroll and benefits systems, create and manage training systems, and even track performance reviews. Applications run the gamut from simple time-and-attendance trackers to entire suites of tracking and data systems. Some of these applications are customizable, allowing employers to track such data as employees’ personal histories, skills, and workplace preferences. This kind of electronic data tracking makes managing employees’ needs much easier and enables employers to focus on other needs. In some cases, using HRMS can mean one less employee that an employer needs to hire.


For login to PNB HRMS visit the following link.


To view PNB HRMS result click on the link.

PNB HRMS Parivar

To visit PNB HRMS parivar click the following link.


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