onlinesbi corporate banking

Sbi online corporate banking has exclusive features required for corporate as banking needs for corporate are different from individual account holders. The following features are provided by sbionline corporate banking:

  • Access to Multiple Users
  • Account Statement
  • Funds Transfer
  • Third Party Transfer
  • Demat View
  • Demand Draft
  • Utility Bill Payment
  • File Upload Facility
  • Tax Payment
  • SMS/Email Alerts
  • E – collection Facility
  • Direct Debit Facility
  • Online Auditor
  • User Hierarchy
  • MIS Reports
  • Host to Host Integration
  • PKI Based Security

SBI has also introduces a simplified sbionline corporate banking account for Single user entrepreneurs consisting of sole proprietorship concerns, micro enterprise, individual businessmen having non individual accounts in SBI branches. Thuis is called CNIB Saral accountThis is highly customer friendly corporate account have all necessary security features of online banking.

The corporate account facilitates hassle free and safe online transactions like funds transfer, third party transfer, various tax payments and merchant transactions etc. by a single user corporate login.

onlinesbi corporate banking products

Advantage (Khata)

Corporate banking account for most suited for small firms, companies, institutions banking with one branch of SBI

Advantage Plus (KhataPlus)

Corporate banking account for most suited for firms, companies, institutions banking with multiple branches of SBI.


Corporate banking account for simplified, single user Corporate Internet Banking facility for small entrepreneurs.

Privilege (Vyapaar)

Corporate banking account for small and Medium sized Organisations. The account has small user group with discretionary access and discretionary rights.

Freedom (Vistaar)

Corporate banking account for large and very large organisations.

Visit the following URL to know more about SBI corporate banking accounts now:

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