SBI card protection plan

As dependency on credit cards and debit cards increase we carry them with us all the time and use them frequently.  This sometimes leads to card loss / theft and related fraud as it changes many hands during swiping and card payments.

To avoid all these kinds of problems SBI cards have introduced a comprehensive service which can be used if you suffer card loss / theft and related fraud. This service is called SBI card protection plan (CPP). With this service you can safeguard all your SBI credit cards, ATM and debit cards.

Report SBI card Loss Immediately

If you face any SBI card loss / theft and related fraud report it immediately to SBI card protection plan 24 hours helpdesk and they will immediately block all your SBI cards. The following are the SBI CPP helpline numbers in India:

24-hour helpline number 6000-4000 | Emergency Toll Free number 1800-419-4000

If you are travelling abroad the CPP emergency International number is +91 921244-4000

Hotel & Travel Assistance in emergency

If your card is lost while travelling travelling,

CPP facilitates payment of hotel bills through its authorized dealers. If travel tickets are lost along with your SBI credit / debit cards, CPP will facilitate reissuance of travel tickets.

In India the SBI cart protection plan also provides immediate cash if the need arises

Advanced Fraud Protection

For added security your card is protected from seven days in advance of fraudulent expenses from the date of reporting.  This means if your card gets stolen and used fraudulently and you are not able to block that immediately for next seven days then also this fraudulent transactions are covered in this.

In addition to able the SBI card protection plan also assist in lost PAN card replacement , mobile SIM card blocking if mobile phone is lost, and foreign language interpreter assistance for SBI  Platinum card customers.

So SBI CPP is a very useful service and must be availed. Visit SBI credit card website or more details

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