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Travel.  A word everybody loves, because it brings instant euphoric feeling of enjoyment, exploration of a new place, excitement, and thrill.

We are all charged up to prepare for a wonderful journey and an enjoying experience to cherish forever. We start with all the basic needs of travel to be packed. We remember – everything conceivable – to pack and create piles of baggage, except Travel Insurance.

Travel Insurance is important

Perhaps the most ignored aspect when one travels, either for business or leisure, is Travel Insurance. We do not realize the meaning of the phrase “Expect The Unexpected”.  Travel insurance – like regular insurance – is a vital requirement, as one may suddenly fall sick during travel, Lose Baggage, repatriation, and problems of further severe nature such as an unexpected accident, loss of life or limbs due to such accidents. It is under such circumstances, it comes to the rescue. One should keep a checklist before start of a travel, and this checklist should include a column for Travel Insurance and start making it a compulsory activity as a part and parcel of travel. Though there is awareness now about such coverage, still it is highly underutilized by the domestic travelling passenger. The usage of this coverage is considerably higher when it comes to people travelling out of the country. In a alien & foreign land no one wants to remain stranded due to loss of baggage or passport or an unexpected medical emergency.

Online Travel Insurance’s greatest benefit is that it sets the traveler Stress-Free due to many uncertainties that is part of a travel.

How to select the best travel policy

While selecting an Online Travel Policy it is better these aspects are definitely taken into consideration:-

  • Shop around…and always read the small print…especially if you suffer from an existing medical condition or are pregnant.
  • Make sure the insurance is adequate if you intend to take part in any sports or activities you would not ordinarily take part in at home.
  • If travelling to a developing country with less adequate medical services ensure that your insurance covers repatriation to fly you home if you need medical treatment.
  • Always carry your insurance papers with you…don’t leave them in the hotel – you never know when you might need them!
  • Always carry your identity papers on you — in many countries it’s required by law.
  • If you are allergic to any medications, put a note to that effect in with your identity & Insurance papers — don’t assume you’ll be conscious to give the doctor any details!

Today, Online Travel Insurance is available at the click of a button, literally. If you have access to PC and internet connection, you can obtain Travel Insurance Online, from the comfort of your home. Within ten minutes one can start defining his /her requirement, get a quote , make an online payment thro’ your bank or with your credit card & the Online Insurance Policy is ready for Print. Online Travel Insurance is now provided by most of the Insurance Providers Operating out of India.

Who provides online travel Insurance?

Some of the majors who provide online travel insurance are listed here. However this is not a comprehensive list.

Some of them are Reliance General Insurance, United India General Insurance, Tata AIG, HDFC Ergo, ICICI Lombard, Future Generali etc. The cost of such an Online Travel Insurance depends mainly on ones’ age, Number of Days of Travel, Whether the travel is domestic or Overseas and if it is overseas then different costs are applicable for travel within asia except US, and Travel to any part of the world Including US and Travel to any part of the world excluding US.

Sample calculation of your insurance premium

Let us take an example to understand the general nature of costs of Online Travel Insurance. Assume a Single Trip of 10 days within India for a person in the age of 44 years, for an assured sum of Rs 20 Lacs, the prevailing prices are as follows:-

Insurance Company Premium
Reliance General Insurance Rs 656
United India Insurance Rs 707
National Insurance Rs 707
ICICI Lombard Rs 720
Oriental General Insurance Rs 790

The table is a general indicator of the cost of Single Person’s Online Travel Insurance. The above cost covers major risks outlined in the start of this article. There are various websites which specialize on Online Travel Insurance. In these one can get an Online Insurance Coverage tailor-made to ones requirement. It is at your discretion to choose which all aspects need to be covered and accordingly choose a plan which is neither a drainer on your pocket nor under covered.

One can obtain an Online Travel Insurance from 1 Day travel to anything upto 365 days travel. It means one can purchase travel insurance at a go for the entire year, irrespective of the number of travels and the number of destinations. This one is the most preferred by the business class travelers, who more than often touch their home base just to exchange a suitcase of fresh dresses and continue further travel.

It would be safe to say, that Online Travel Insurance is an highly efficient & quick to obtain, hence one should always obtain it and give it the priority one gives to the travel ticket itself, before the start of a travel – whether it is for business or pleasure.

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