ICICI Bank Home Loan EMI Calculator

ICICI, the biggest private sector bank is now also providing finance to home loan seekers to accomplish their home dream under the tag ‘ICICI home finance’. Use monthly calculator as a guide before availing for any kind of loan. The EMI calculator is a key tool available online as it provides the loan applicant with a convenience of checking out if he/she can avail a particular loan amount and repay the same thereafter in form of the Equated Monthly Installments ICICI Bank offers easy home loans for: –

  • First Purchase in ready construction
  • Under construction property
  • Purchase in re-sale
  • Self construction – extension of existing living space

ICICI Bank provides online home loan calculators for home loan borrowers to find out the prospective EMI as per their requirements for the loan they have availed. With the start of ICICI home loan calculator, the job of calculating the EMI amount has been made easier.

With the help of ICICI bank home loan calculator, the EMI, which is the Equated Monthly Installment, can be calculated just by a click. The loan applicant must know the following three figures in order to find out the prospective EMI: –

  • Amount of loan
  • Interest rate and
  • Term for which he wants to acquire the loan.

Please note that ICICI bank Home loan EMI calculator helps you to arrive at a tentative EMI as interest rates keeps on changing from time to time. Also this home loan calculator takes interest rate as fixed to calculate the EMI. So if you take flexible rate home loan from  ICICI bank the EMI will fluctuate as and when the interest rate changes.

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