HDFC Home Loan Calculator

HDFC, as the name implies Housing Development And Finance Corporation of India, is the first financial institution only formulated to provide Home Loan assistance to the Home loan seekers at attractive & reasonable interest rates. Owing to their wide network of financing, you can avail loan as per your needs.

With the help of HDFC Bank Home loan calculator you to estimate how much amount you are required to pay for repayment of your home loan on the basis of following information: –

  • Amount you acquire as loan,
  • The period for which loan is borrowed and
  • Interest rate, applicable

HDFC home loan calculator is a key-banking tool that enables you to calculate and figure out your EMI amount. It provides results instantly and also gives you an idea of the amount of loan and interest rate that would suit you. It also helps in getting a rough estimate of the loan amount and interest rates

Your HDFC home loan calculator is easy to use and simple to understand. After submitting the required details you just have to click the calculate button and the outcome will be displayed thereafter as

  • Amount of the loan together with interest rate,
  • Total interest amount
  • Monthly EMI
  • Effective annual interest rate

One should always keep in mind that loan period can affect your EMI drastically as the longer the period of repayment, more will be the interest, followed by increased EMI.

With the outcome of the EMI calculated you could analyse that whether you are comfortable with the rate of interest applicable, the EMI is as per your requirements. It helps in deciding whether you should acquire the loan or not and whether or not you would be able to pay interest and principal amount of the loan. If not, you can go to RESET button again calculate by adjusting the loan amount and repayment period.

Please note that HDFC bank Home loan EMI calculator helps you to arrive at a tentative EMI as interest rates keeps on changing from time to time. Also this home loan calculator takes interest rate as fixed to calculate the EMI. So if you take flexible rate home loan from HDFC bank the EMI will fluctuate as and when the interest rate changes.