HDFC Netsafe VCC ( Virtual credit card)

HDFC NetSafe VCC is a unique online payment solution that offers you complete security while shopping on the Internet.

With HDFC NetSafe you can shop online through a virtual credit card, without revealing your actual HDFC Bank Credit Card number.  What’s more, you can also use your HDFC Bank Debit Card also for obtaining HDFC Netsafe VCC.

With the HDFC Netsafe Virtual Credit Card secured application, you create a Virtual Credit Card (which, HDFC Bank prefers to call it as NetSafe Card) from your HDFC Bank MasterCard or Visa Credit Card / Debit Card Number. You can then use this HDFC Netsafe Virtual Credit Card number at any online merchant site and complete your shopping with security and ease. And, the limit of the card is the amount as chosen by you.

Advantages of HDFC Netsafe Virtual Credit Card

  • The basic purpose of this type of card is to conduct fear-free online transactions over the internet.
  • Your HDFC Bank credit / debit card number is never used on the merchant website.
  • The NetSafe card you create is a onetime use card.
  • You can set your own limit for the NetSafe cards you generate.
  • You can use it on any merchant website that accepts Master Card / VISA payment cards.
  • It ensures a completely safe and secure online shopping experience.
  • All purchases you make with HDFC NetSafe VCC Cards will appear on your statement, just like any other transaction.

The Procedure to Obtain HDFC Netsafe Card / Virtual Credit Card

First Step – One time Registration

HDFC NetSafe Virtual Credit Card requires a one-time registration. After accepting the Terms and Conditions, you will need to key in your Debit / Credit card number , your ATM PIN (or key in the CVV value and date of birth for Credit Cards) and the date of expiry of your card. You can then generate your own Login Id and Password after adding your personal details. The Registration process is complete and you can Login to HDFC NetSafe Virtual Credit Card – or HDFC VCC.

Second Step – Creating your first HDFC NetSafe VCC card

Create a NetSafe VCC card drawing funds from your existing HDFC Bank Debit or Credit card accounts. All you need to do is specify the account to be debited and the required value (limit) of your NetSafe card.

Third Step – Shopping online with your HDFC NetSafe VCC card

You can use your NetSafe Virtual Credit Card to make purchases online as mentioned underneath.

Copy the NetSafe VCC Card Number, at the Card Number required in the payment screen of your shopping site.

Enjoy fear free shopping online with HDFC Netsafe Virtual Credit Card just acquired by you. Please do note that though it gives you absolute security of your existing Credit Card or Debit Card, you will have to take that little bit extra effort of generating a new HDFC Netsafe VCC Card, every time you intend to purchase some stuff over the internet. In the initial few attempts, you will feel it as a hassle, but don’t get discouraged. Once you practice it for a couple of times, then it would become an integral part of your safe shopping experience.

1 comment to HDFC Netsafe VCC

  • V.Ranganathan

    for netsafe VCC, it is not mentioned anywhere that the LIMIT of the card means what? and the Matter of the Debiting the Limit amount from the account at once.

    And also the Provision must be there to amened the limit easily by the VCC creater.

    The facilities of donations/ e-hundi/ payments to irctc etc. also to be there.

    Other wise it is not useful for normal general public those who are having the net banking facilities.

    In total the Actual facts is not clearly mentioned for this. If any one need cash urgently, from the existing savings bank account, then what could the people do with having the VCC?

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