HDFC Credit Card Payment Through NEFT

HDFC Bank has given its customers wide range of facilities for payment of HDFC Credit Card. For those who are unaware to use internet banking or ATM have advantage to pay there HDFC Credit card bills through NEFT. It is one of the easiest ways to pay your dues without in crucial times also where you are short of time and unaware of other facilities to use.

NEFT is one new Payment option, which is becoming quite popular these days. This option is the payment of Credit card dues, through NEFT This facility is available from any bank that has enabled the NEFT capability on its Internet banking facility.

NEFT is used to transfer funds from any other bank account to make your card payments in HDFC bank. Then your Credit will reflect within one day. So, in order to know how to pay HDFC Credit Card Bills online you need to,

  • You need to stop writing cheque.
  • The credit is dependent on NEFT settlement schedule.

For further information on payment of HDFC Credit Card Through NEFT click on the link below:

Please contact your bank for more details on NEFT. Use IFSC Code HDFC0000128 for card payment through NEFT.

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