Axis Bank Customer Care – Grievance Redressal Nodal Officer

Axis Bank Limited has created various platforms & methods for its existing, as well as prospective customers to reach them with minimal efforts.

You might have read them at our info section of Axis bank which provides in-depth details on all of them.

Axis Bank Customer Care – Grievance Redressal Complaints Management Team

Generally, most of the requests, queries, information, complaints (If, any) are sorted out by Axis Bank’s multi-layered customer care system. But there are times when High Networth Clients (HNIs as they are called), Large Corporate Clients who conduct many thousand transactions of various nature within a span of single day, have unresolved issues of Complex Nature.

In order to provide a forum that can effectively address such issues, Axis Bank has a dedicated team called complaints Management Team. Under such situations, you can escalate your complaint to the Complaints Management Team, at Central Office by mailing to

After examining the matter, the complaints management team will send you its final response within a period of 8 working days from the date of receipt of your complaint by them. In case the resolution is likely to take longer time, the Axis Bank Customer Care’s Complaints Management Team will inform you of the same through an interim reply.

Axis Bank Customer Care – Nodal Officer for Grievance Redressals

If the resolution still does not meet your expectations, you can get in touch with the Nodal Officer – Grievance Redressal at the below provided address.

AVP (RBO) and Nodal Officer – Grievance Redressal, Axis Bank Ltd

Central Office, RBO Department, 3rd Floor, RNA Corporate Park

Kalanagar, Bandra (East), Mumbai – 400051.

E Mail ID –

After thoroughly studying the matter, the designated Nodal Officer will send you the final response within a period of 8 working days from the date of receipt of your complaint at his end. In case the resolution is likely to take longer time, the Nodal Officer will inform you of the same through an interim reply.

Within 30 days of lodging a complaint with the Nodal Officer, if you still do not get a satisfactory response from him, and you wish to pursue other avenues for redressal of grievances, you may approach Banking Ombudsman appointed by Reserve Bank of India under Banking Ombudsman Scheme.

9 comments to Axis Bank Customer Care Grievance Redressal


    i have issued a cheque to life insurance corporation MORADABAD. But your Pili KOTHI, civil lines Moradabad, U.P. Branch has returned my cheque with the reason KINDLY CONTACT
    DRAWER” without presenting in clearing. I contacted my banker and it was informed to me
    that the cheque was not presented for payment to my bank(syndicate bank) and they have issued a certificate to the effect the cheque in question was not presented in clearing.
    cheque no. 164081 Date of return 06.11.2018. due to wrong action of your branch i was
    forced to pay your charges+ interest and other penalties and L.I.C. PF INDIA have refused to accept my cheque in future.
    kindly advice whether the reason to return a cheuqe as above is a valid reason. is it a
    valid reAson under BANKING REGULATION ACT.
    Please acknowled and pay for my damages and mental tension

  • Naba Gopal Sinha

    An acute predicament with your Axis bank being faced by me is being furnished as here-in-under for your kind knowledge:
    1) I had applied for a Personal Loan for Rs.3,00,000/- with Axis Bank,Sulipukur Branch, Burdwan having all relevant documents.Several times enquiries for verification had been made by the Axis Bank, Durgapur ,against Application Id 9091042,asking mother’s maiden name,tenure of living at Burdwan etc….. after searching Status it appears that my Pl had been declined. Surprisingly the said branch does not maintain minimum curtsey intimating the reason of declination.
    2) Similarly I applied for having a Wedding loan for my daughter’s marriage against LAP(Loan against Property) submitting all documents along with a A/C payee cheque for Rs.5,900/- through Mr.Kartick Sarkar,who was called and communicated by the Axis Bank,Sulipukur Branch and whose contact Nos.are 9735808266 and 8250178397.Meanwhile,the said cheque had been encashed by the Asis Bank,Durgapur,and a person visited my residential house for technical verification.The fate of my application was absolutely unknown to me.I contacted the said Kartick Sarkar then came to learn that the relevant file had been lying having been rejected but he assured me that a person from another company will visit my house soon for technical verification afresh but no response has yet been acknowledged even that Mr.Kartick Sarkar does not hold his mobile despite ringing on a number of times.Now it palpably appears that Axis bank frauds encashing cheque without sanctioning my LAP.
    I fervently request you to please refund the encashed sum favoring me immediately.
    Naba Gopal Sinha 947526607

  • Ratna Arun Pandya

    I do not have a credit card but the bank has charged me with annual charges. I did not even applied for a credit card or activated it. please ensure you repay back the amount to my account. thankyou.

  • Gajendra singh

    I am customer of axis bank since last 10 year.

    We have raised dispute against transaction which was done by credit credit card they acknowledged and reply me that they resolve issue with 120 days but after 280 days they directly debit the amount from credit credit card and asking for payments and they are not resolving my issue insted of this they are calling for money and they done my saving account in NEGATIVE.

    Kindly help me here

  • Aruna Ash

    I am holding a SB A/C in Axis Bank, Singur Branch for last 05 years. Now the bank send me a chip based ATM Card but the problem occurred when I activated the ATM Card in ATM there have some security related question, but the problem faced when there is a question, What is your D.O.B.? I answered but this is mismatched, I have called several times in axis bank Singur Branch agent but they cannot help me anyway. Kindly favour me.

  • Mukundan SN,

    I have effected a payment of Rs. 6800 my mistake into my credit card account instead of savings bank account. Credit card customers are dilly dallying my request for refund / transfer into my savings bank account


    Mukundan SN

    • Financial Advisor

      Do not worry, the amount will get adjusted in your purchases through credit card. Do your next few purchases through credit card

  • Hitesh

    It is unbelievable how they have no reward point system ( It does not work) and their cards CVV number is not printed in half of their credit cards!
    Customer care executive mass mail the things over and over again!


    I opened a s/b account in 2006 with a bank’s condition to maintain Rs.5000/ as minimum balance which I kept always. I again deposited Rs.1000/ more into my a/c in early 2009. I wanted to deposit some more money into my a/c I enquired the status of my a/c I was told that only Rs.545/ were left in the a/c reason being the bank has debited my a/c on a/c of not maintaing minimum balance. I took up the matter with bank’s authorities and after a long wait about five months Rs.1500/ were reversed to my a/c/and for the rest amount of app.6000/(including interest thereon) they are not giving any satisfactory response. In Jan.10 I deposited a cheqeue of Rs.10000/eat first I was told that a cheque of Rs.10000/.

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