Aadhar card documents list for children

Aadhaar card will be issued to all children three years and above and linked to the Aadhar card of parents. Bio metric data will only be taken after completion of five years and revised after attaining 15 years as these details change with age up to 15 years

Copy of birth certificate of the child can be provided as Identity proof . Copy of ration card can also be provided if the child’s name is there in that. IF the child goes to school, a letter from the principal will do or copy of identity card issued by the school is sufficient. Parents can sponsor the child and their address and identity proof will be valid for this. Full document list valid for Aadhaar card

Now Aadhaar card enrollment is also being done in the schools. In this case schools will provide data from their database to the issuing authority and there is no need to provide any additional document.

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    I have been issued Aadhar Card in March. Since now I have purchased my own residence and shifted over there, I would like to get the residential address changed in the Aadhar Card. Please advise me. Thanks

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