ICICI Pension Plans

Pension plans are specifically designed for retirement years that provide financial security to pursue unfulfilled dreams. Pension plan ensures that you and your family will definitely receive regular pension amount after retirement. You are free to choose the date in which you wanted to get the pension.


ICICI prudential life insurance company limited is the only company that is promoted by a life insurance company with experience in managing long term investments of life and pension funds. The company was appointed by pension fund regulatory and development authority as a pension fund manager.

ICICI Pension Plans

A pension plan is a guarantee that you will receive regular income after your retirement. In spite from the benefits of retirement plans, you can also enjoy tax benefits according to the tax laws. ICICI prudential presents wide collection of pension plans. These products are planned according to the need of the customer.

  • ICICI Pru life time pension maxima
  • ICICI Pru life stage pension advantage
  • ICICI Pru elite pension II
  • ICICI Pru assure pension
  • ICICI Pru forever life
  • ICICI Pru immediate annuity

Features of ICICI New Pension System

  • Open for anyone from 18 to 60 years of age including NRI’s
  • Non Government sector
  • Minimum contribution is 6000 per year
  • Maximum investment allowed in equity is 50%
  • Pension to start at the age of 60 years
  • Assured returns on investment
  • Tax benefits as per prevailing tax laws

Benefits of Pension plans

  • Assured guarantee on receiving regular amount after retirement
  • Financial freedom to live in comfort after retirement
  • Take care of medical expenses
  • Tax benefits according to the tax laws

For more details regarding pension plans and other products you can log on to the official website of ICICI prudential life insurance.

1 comment to ICICI Pension Plans

  • Kamal Kumar Misra

    I have pension plans from icici prud. as below:
    1. icici lifestage
    2. icici life stage adv.
    3 icici elite
    I have completed three years in all plans, I want to withdraw all money as fund value(surrender value). I want to know whether the receipts will attract a tax liability in cases
    1. when no tax deduction ever availed on premiums u/s 80c or else.
    2. when deduction availed u/s 80c.

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