HSBC Bank Bangalore

HSBC Bank Bangalore is one of the leading international banks in the city.

The world class quality service is provided by the hsbc bank. It has a process electronic data and global resourcing center for Bangalore city as well as in various region of the country. In Bangalore HSBC bank offers various services like personal banking services which include all the personal financial and deposit products. In Bangalore, HSBC has its two branches and almost 9 ATMs in all over Bangalore. For providing factoring service and international trade HSBC has opened its center in Bangalore.

You can use the given numbers for contacting the required type of services

HSBC Bank Bangalore Customer Care no: 2558 9595

HSBC India Credit Card for Bangalore Phone no: 2558 9696

HSBC Bangalore Branch address:

No. 84, Gandhi Bazar Main Road, Basavanagudi, Bangalore – 560 004

7 M G Road, HSBC Centre, Bangalore – 560 001

HSBC Bank provides various services in Bangalore:

HSBC Bank in Bangalore provides a various services to its international and domestic customers and it ranges from corporate banking, NRI services, business banking, as well as personal banking.

HSBC Bank Bangalore provides:

  • Debit cards  and Credit cards
  • Current and Savings Accounts along with FD facility
  • All the loan facilities with very minimum rate like Personal loans, Home Loans, Carloans.
  • All the Insurance services provide like medical insurance, health insurance, retirement plans.
  • ForEx services and Mutual Funds.
  • Investment plan services
  • Internet, net banking and Self service banking.
  • All the application forms of the bank are provided online which you can download and take out the printout. So you don’t need to move out for the bank only for the form.

Bank also provides all the business services. HSBC provide current account to the businessman which is zero balance 24/7 and this is the unique feature if this bank. No other bank is providing this type of service.

For all the other queries you can consult with the official website of HSBC Bank Bangalore which is you can also find all the details of various products of HSBC bank.

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